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Who is a Social Media strategist?

From the name of the profession, it is clear that this is a person who is engaged in the strategic development of the project. The basis of his work is planning and analysis. He draws up a plan to achieve goals, analyzes the audience and the work of specialists. Simply put, it selects tools that work and removes those that (judging by the numbers) do not fit the project. Strategic thinking is his main weapon. It allows you to promote a business on the Internet predictably and profitably, without draining the budget in vain.


What is the difference between a herpetologist and a Social Media specialist?

A targetologist is a specialist who runs advertising on social networks. He tests creatives, monitors the budget, and selects the best options for displaying ads. The Social Media strategist looks wider. He studies the response of the audience to advertising, the content that is published and builds a strategy based on this.

Here's a comparison of the responsibilities of a targetologist and a strategist:

Here's a comparison of the responsibilities of a targetologist and a strategist: Duties of a strategist
Analyze CA Analyze the general statistics of the project: target audience, metric, competitors, content, advertising creatives
Create creatives Plan promotion across all channels: content, targeting, native advertising from bloggers, and so on.
Run ads Analyze the results of advertising

A Social Media specialist is a position that is also similar in its duties to a Social Media strategist. But here not everything is so simple, there are a lot of differences:

Responsibilities of the Social Media-specialist Duties of a strategist
Create content plans for social networks Develop scenarios for the development of the company's social networks
Create Content: Posts and Stories Analyze content and conclude what works best
Promote posts Analyze which distribution channels are more efficient
Collect statistics and keep records Collect statistics, build a new strategy on its basis

A Social Media specialist is a position that is also similar in its duties to a Social Media strategist. But here not everything is so simple, there are a lot of differences:

What qualities does a Social Media strategist need?

The ideal Social Media strategist is a meticulous perfectionist. A person for whom numbers are not just numbers. These are indicators. Therefore, the main quality of a strategist remains the ability to analyze. He must constantly collect reports on promotion in social networks and, based on figures and graphs, draw a conclusion about how his hypotheses work. Another important quality of a specialist is the ability to plan. The strategist works with tables and mind maps. He must see in front of him the path along which the project is moving. But dry figures and analysis alone are indispensable. It is necessary to come up with interesting and extraordinary solutions. Therefore, it is also important for a strategist to have flexible, creative thinking.

What does a social media strategist do?

A social media strategist helps a company design a public profile and engage with customers through social media. This includes a combination of marketing skills, as well as familiarity with blogging, social media, and online content management. The job may involve focusing solely on the needs of one company or consulting with multiple firms that want to adopt social media strategies.

One aspect of the job is to assist the company in developing a consistent and flexible social media plan. This may include information about where a company wants to maintain its presence, the level of transparency it plans to use, and how it will interact with customers. Social media strategists may recommend reaching disgruntled customers, as well as creating online content to attract people to the company. Contests, viral videos, and other promotions help businesses stay in the eyes of consumers and encourage social media users to share information, propelling the company along the way.

Tracking statistics and responses is also an important aspect of a social media strategist's job. Using a variety of tools, strategists can measure the number of customers they reach, how people respond to campaigns, and whether a company is considered an authority. In a simple example, a social media strategist wants to make sure that the official company profile is the first search result on the website and not a fake or fake profile. This requires regular profile updates, user interactions, and establishing a presence to boost rankings and followers.

In some cases, the development of content and promotions may include the creation of content. A social media strategist can regularly update profiles and interact with users or delegate this to another employee. Part of a company's overall plan may include training and policies for employees using official accounts to ensure they are consistent and up-to-date. For example, a family-friendly company does not want an employee to use profanity on an official account or make obscene comments to followers. On the other hand, a tougher firm may want employees to push official messages to make the company look sharper.

Throughout its social media presence, the company wants to promote itself, create and build an image, and increase the number of its followers. A social media strategist can help a company set specific goals and objectives, such as reaching a certain number of followers or page views. This may include collaborating with marketing and communications departments to coordinate campaigns, ensure consistency of messages across platforms, and share ideas.

Which companies need a Social Media strategist?

The short answer is: in all. In anywhere there is a promotion in social networks and where the marketing budget is spent. But what about a small company, if all social networks are engaged in a couple of people? There are two solutions:

  • Seek strategy development and separate advice from freelancers. You can do this periodically, for example, once every six months or once a year, before the launch of a new product on the market, before rebranding, and on other important occasions.
  • A full-time Social Media specialist acquires the necessary skills. Study strategic planning, delve more into analytics and periodically conduct an audit of social networks.

Both methods are costly, as you will need to either pay for consultations or pay for training for a specialist and increase his salary. But these investments will benefit you, and when developing a project, you can blindly merge into ineffective advertising much more.

In small companies, the skills of an Social Media strategist can be obtained by an Social Media specialist or a targetologist. The main advantages for business are cost optimization. Fewer resources are required and more results are achieved.

If you want to study as a Social Media strategist or send your specialist for training, we are waiting for you on the online course «Social-Media-strategist: promotion and analytics in social networks from TexTerra». We will consider the most popular social networks: "Facebook", "Instagram", Twitter and Reddit. We will analyze successful cases, teach you how to work with numbers, and build a strategy. There are few strategists who competently manage and set the right tasks. But this market needs them very much.


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