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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an important and integral part of online marketing, as well as a great way to communicate with potential customers, work with loyalty and engage your audience.


Audiences that Convert

Our social media marketers are experts at interest and demographic targeting and know how to get your social media ads in front of the right people. We build lookalike and custom audiences to isolate Facebook users that have already shown interest in your products or offerings. Whether you want to target a wider audience or your current customers, we’ll make the most of every impression to get you high-value, new leads that are ready to convert.


Engaging Ad Copy & Creative

We create engaging creative and copy that encourages user engagement and conversions. From carousels, video content, to canvas ads, we’ll A/B test the ad types, organic posts, and right messages to discover what the social media users in your ideal buyer persona best respond to. Visual assets are the core of any Facebook Ad Campaign for good reason, and we’ll use visual content to build your brand authority and organic reach while improving your ad revenue and performance.


Optimized Page Experiences

The majority of social media advertising revenue comes from mobile devices. Our web design team will make sure your landing pages are fast, responsive, conversion-focused, and provide optimal page experience and formats for mobile users. We use tracking pixels to get a better understanding of how active users engage with your website. At the end of the day, your social advertising is most valuable when it ends with conversions. Our web design team knows how to create page experiences that will guide mobile users toward a download, action, or purchase.

Benefits of SMM

Large audience coverage for a relatively low cost.

The audience of social networks in Russia has more than 67.8 million people. There are two ways to attract the user's attention to your brand - by maintaining groups and targeted advertising. In the first case, the advertiser is charged a fixed cost for placing unique content. In the second, you pay per click (on Instagram - for impressions), the cost of which, with proper campaign setup, turns out to be lower than in contextual advertising.

Fast launch of advertising campaigns.

Due to the fact that users of social networks share different information about themselves and their interests on their personal pages, advertisers have the opportunity to clearly target the audience by gender, age, geographic location, interests, profession and other similar parameters. This allows you not only to customize ads for a specific group of people, but also to optimize channel costs.

Constant interaction with the target audience.

High user engagement allows advertisers to build a dialogue with their audience and answer questions in real time, as well as attract attention with vivid, interesting content. Posting on Instagram with popular bloggers and other developed accounts (the posting price is fixed) allows you to quickly build an audience of loyal followers.

Transparent and understandable reporting.

Social networks have their own statistics collection systems. For deeper analytics, Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics are connected. Taken together, the data obtained helps to assess the effectiveness of SMM promoting a business in social networks and adjust the advertising strategy.

Who is the Service for?


Online Stores


Blogs and media


Personal brand


Corporate websites


Services sector

Why Marketing on Social Media?

Social networks are places your ideal customers spend a lot of their time. Internet users also give these platforms loads of information about their interests and preferences through their profiles and engagements. With hundreds of millions of monthly active users, social media ads give your brand the ability to hyper-target new prospects who have already shown affinity for products or services like yours based on their past social media behavior.

Social network sites like Facebook are often more affordable than other digital or traditional media platforms. The average CPM and CPC on Facebook and Instagram ads are lower than Google Ads, making these advertising platforms great tools for brands with any budget to thrive.

An optimized social media marketing strategy looks to analytics and data to study your target audience and get your social media posts and ads in front of those monthly users who are most likely to convert. From customer email addresses, job titles, video views, to locations, we leverage every social media data point to get high-quality ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Monthly work plan

We will select the optimal pace, toolkit and determine the promotion goals within 3 months:


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

Facebook Advertising – With over 2.45 million users, Facebook is the most popular social platform and one of the most cost-effective social channels available to digital advertisers. Facebook’s granular custom audience targeting empowers us to get your social ads in front of the specific audience most likely to convert.

Instagram Advertising – Built into the Facebook Ads platform, Instagram is also an affordable place to earn potential customers and improve your brand recognition and visibility.

LinkedIn Advertising – Although LinkedIn does not have as many users as other social networks, business professionals provide a lot of information to the social media site, meaning opportunities for digital marketers to go after ideal customers and target audiences. For B2Bs, LinkedIn should be an essential part of your social strategy.

Retargeting/Remarketing – Across all social network sites, retargeting is the best way to improve conversion rates of your social advertising campaigns. Our marketing team members are experts at using tracking pixels to inform remarketing efforts across different social media channels (as well as Google Adwords). Remarketing is a cost-effective way to improve your conversions and ROI.

Both social media and search advertising can be profitable, as long as you target the right audience and keywords. CPMs with Facebook Ads are cheaper than CPCs on Google Ads, so it can be a better platform for those small businesses or brands without a lot of money in their budget. If you’re not sure where to direct your digital marketing strategy, or the different ways your potential and current customers find you, talk to a LinkGraph specialist. We will help determine the best advertising platform and digital channels for your product offering.

We design our campaigns to fit your business objectives and specific needs. We recommend at least 14-30 days in order to collect data, optimize, and measure key KPIs. As a digital agency with years of experience managing PPC and social advertising, we can help you reach your marketing objectives faster.

We manage digital marketing across every major social network, from Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter, or influencer marketing. Depending on your target audience, business goals, and marketing budget, we design our campaigns to help your brand see improved return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) across all social media channels. Whether your goals are conversions, website traffic, lead generation, or brand awareness, we direct your budget to the social media platforms that our analytics show will get you new customers and positive ROI. (*We do not currently manage advertising campaigns on Snapchat or Pinterest).

From content creation, video content, photographs, and graphic design, we can help improve your social media posts and ads to broaden your influence and entice users to click and engage with your ad. Our web design team members can also ensure the assets that live on your site are promoted via your social presence. Our paid media specialists will inform you of our optimizations and your ad performance in real time. We’ll design a social media campaign that meets your needs and budget and produces measurable results.

As a full-service agency, we can create and curate social content and organic posts for your Facebook page. Our 50+ editorial team of writers, bloggers, and content strategists are skilled in using high-quality content to drive customer engagement and improve your follower base. A strong business page is the first step in Facebook advertising, but successful brands place more value in creating high-performing ads and securing the best ad placements.

We are a full service digital marketing, SEO, and web design agency, and have managed over $25-million in Google Ads and PPC spend for our clients. Our unique strategy finds the highest-converting, relevant keywords in your niche or vertical to drive traffic to your website at lower costs. We have improved conversion rates, lowered CPC cost, and cut costs per new leads for businesses of all sizes.

We combine our social media services with our award-winning SEO strategy so you can keep driving traffic, clicks, sales, and revenue, even after your advertising campaign budget runs out. Paid media is a great way to test your target market and your website’s conversion funnel. If we believe your page experience is limiting conversions, our in-house website design team can help improve your UI/UX, CTA placement, and page load times. Our social media managers take a holistic approach to digital advertising so your ad campaigns are optimized at every angle.

Yes. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can manage the entirety of your online presence from search, to social media, to content strategy, to digital public relations. Our digital agency operates at scale and can provide SEO and marketing strategy for the biggest of brands. Our company culture is centered on collaborating with the world’s most ambitious brands. If you need help with more than your social media presence, schedule a call with one of our marketing managers.