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Cotech Agency is an #1 Best SEO company in Amritsar with years of online experience. Collaborate with the best SEO Company in Amritsar punjab and make the most of your web site. Cotech Agency is an experienced and leading SEO company in Amritsar when it comes to optimizing for search engine like Google, with a variety of services. In doing so, we do not stare ourselves dead at keyword positions during an SEO campaign, but we focus on looking for opportunities in the field of traffic and conversion. Want to know more? Contact us, or read more about our quality SEO Services company in Amritsar!

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Are you looking for an SEO Company in Amritsar with highly cost-efficient campaigns? We are the SEO company in Amritsar that can be of perfect quality seo services company to you. With a seo campaign by Intelligent digital marketing company in Amritsar, your web site is guaranteed to get higher in the Google search ranking. Based on our many years of experience in seo search engine optimizations (SEO),we can offer you SEO campaigns and of course take care of all the necessary work to get your online business web site to the top of Google. This ensures sustainable quality web traffic. Research has shown that 97% of all internet searchers only view the first page of the Google results. Only three percent click multiple pages. Getting higher in Google is therefore a pre requisite for better and more organic traffic to your web site. Scoring well in the seo search engine ranking is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity.

In SEO and Web Positioning not everything goes to be effective, we only work with good practices, and that is why we never forget the values that define us: Good link building practices, focus on sales results, honesty and permanent contact to align the objectives,... we have been more than 1st year as an best seo company in Amritsar and we are widely recognized for our seo and web positioning services near you in Amritsar, Punjab, India and many other cities where we have customers very satisfied with the positioning of their websites and online presence stores locally, nationally and internationally.

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Cotech Agency (leading digital marketing company) is a specialized & best Digital Marketing Company in Amritsar with over a decade of experience in delivering award-winning SEO services and seo campaigns to customers from a wide range of industries. We have been consistently voted one of the Best SEO company in Amritsar by industry leaders.

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We will build a modern website designs and user-friendly website design for you that is optimized for search results.

search engine optimization seo


You have a beautiful web site, but it cannot be found in Google. That is very unfortunate. that's where such seo services company comes into play.

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SMM is an important and integral part of online presence marketing, as well as a great way to communicate with potential customers

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing content for various search engines like Google or Yahoo!, When keywords are searched using various search engines like (Google India), it is essential to build a web site with the best design and content to increase performance rankings. In general, it is defined as "optimizing a webpage so that it appears high in robot searches".
search engine optimization is basically generating organic traffic in search results. It is a Digital Marketing Services in Amritsar technique that in the long term has the best ROI compared to other advertising campaigns.

On-Page SEO services
On-page search engine optimization refers to the set of techniques that are applied on the web site itself that we want to position.
example : Improving the speed and optimization of your web site, Image optimization and Image Search, Sitemaps, Creating quality content, Good web user experience, Good structure of HTML tags.

Off-Page SEO services
In this case we can define off-page search engine optimization as the set of techniques that we carry out outside of our web site but that also help to improve the position of your page in various search engines.
example : Use of social networks, Link Building Strategies, Guest blogging, Registration in directories (Eg: Google My Business).

SEO in Amritsar
best seo company in amritsar

Why is SEO so important to my website?

Well we know a little more about seo services company in Amritsar, now you need to convince yourself why you need it to boost your sales.
The technique of web positioning helps your online business to appear in the first results of various search engines in india as well in the world.
And once your business appears on the first page of Google your web site starts to receive quality traffic. The more visits, the more conversion possibilities and the more sales and more brand awareness.
But how to get it on Google? that's where we come in, that as an SEO services company in amritsar, we know how to do it and we can help you.

How can Cotech Agency help you to work with SEO?

Advanced tools: In Cotech Agency we use the most important SEO tools on the market to find those keywords for which we can compete and make a profit from them.
Specialists: Our team is made up of experts in the most technical part of search engine optimization, who transform web pages into attractive in the eyes of Google and users, and professional writers, in charge of providing value with unique content and that quality traffic ends up becoming sales.
On Page and Off-Page Strategies: We create awesome SEO strategies to achieve the best results and work on organic positioning together with other areas of digital marketing purposes to achieve a mutual benefit.

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You can not both carry out all the actions essential to the very development of your business and respond head-on to all the obligations related to this referencing of your site. By using an SEO Company in Amritsar, you offer yourself the certainty of meeting all the requirements in this area but also of adapting to the perpetual evolutions of this field of expertise. An SEO Company in Amritsar accompanies you on the road to success with personalized service to your company. Being surrounded by real professionals for your SEO strategy is a real plus, indeed, they will be at your disposal to answer all your questions. RG Design combines responsiveness, experience, and varied tailor-made services, to offer its customers the best of what you could expect from a quality SEO Company in Amritsar.
The services of an SEO Company in Amritsar will therefore focus on implementing the most effective methods. To please search engines, and mainly Google, but also your users in order to improve the user experience (UX). You will then offer your readers neat and optimized S.E.O. writings but also varied content, alternating textual, photographic, or even video graphics content.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

When we founded Cotech Agency, 1 years ago, we also wondered what a digital marketing Agency was. And what were we. In an area like ours, of changes and dizzying transformations, these questions are constantly renewed and still worry and amaze us. To some extent, we are still responding to them with our customers today.
With time and experience, we came to some conclusions. Today we believe that a digital marketing Company in Amritsar develops comprehensive digital strategies according to the size of each company. It always seeks to broaden commercial horizons and improve communication. To a large extent, a digital agency is concerned with developing a digital strategy to convey a brand's message to the right audience.
Whether you own a small business or have started a new startup, digital marketing agency services would officially put you on the map of search engine results pages (SERPs) so that more people can find your business and use your services.

Local SEO company in Amritsar to generate online visibility

If your brand is not in the first 3 pages of positioning in Google does not exist. SEO services and SEM web positioning as a complement helps you to improve the search results of your web site. How many times have you gone beyond the 3rd page of Google to search for something? Statistics show that less than one percent of searches exceed that page. As best SEO company in Amritsar at a local level, we focus on generating profits and thereby increasing your brand awareness and brand reputation on the Internet. Your brand will get the online visibility it requires so that your products, your company, and yourself can achieve the profitability necessary to obtain online profits on the Internet. SEO Marketing applied to natural positioning in Google is an effective ally to enhance internet positioning.

We offer your all kind of digital marketing solutions in Amritsar
  1. Content Marketing in Amritsar
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Amritsar
  3. Display advertising in Amritsar
  4. Mobile Marketing in Amritsar
  5. Social Media Marketing in Amritsar
  6. Email Marketing in Amritsar
  7. Affiliate Marketing in Amritsar
  8. Video Marketing in Amritsar
  9. Audio Marketing in Amritsar

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Why Choose Us As Your SEO Company In Amritsar?

If you are still not convinced that we are the best SEO in Amritsar or best web positioning seo serivces company in Amritsar for your company, we have something else to say: we love what we do, and that is precisely why we do it so well. The digital world is constantly changing, and so fast that sometimes it's hard to keep up with it... But in Cotech Agency(leading digital marketing company), we carry the rhythm in our blood. We love online marketing and search engine optimization to evolve with them, at the speed, they impose on us to guarantee quality services and consolidated results in the medium and long term, which justify the investment made with an increase in your online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few more frequently asked questions about SEO Company in Amritsar. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via info@cotechagency.com

90% of people start their search for a service, product or company in Google. In addition, Cotech Agency (leading SEO company in Amritsar) proves to deliver the best quality visitors. In most cases, conversion rates from organic traffic are better than online advertisements.

Behind almost half of all searches there is a local search intent. Local SEO is aimed at getting to the top of Google specifically in your own region. Local search engine optimization seo is more than just creating a Google My Business page. You should also take into account local citations and local backlinks.

In summary: if you go for a steady and more solid nice spot in the seo search results, opt for search engine optimization. If you want to be immediately visible and immediately generate more revenue from the search results using search engine optimizations, choose SEA.
Longer explanation: with SEA (search engine advertising) you can be at the top of the seo search engine rankings with an advertisement. However, you keep paying for that ad every time someone clicks on it. If you stop advertising, your nice spot in the search engine results is immediately gone. SEO (search engine optimizations) takes a longer breath: it takes longer for you to be in a good place in the local search results page. Once you stand there, however, you are there for free and you are not just gone in a day.

An SEO specialist or SEO experts ensures that your web site shows its best side for search engine ranking such as Google. He does this by optimizing your web site in the field of technology, content and authority (link building). There are also SEO specialists who focus exclusively on one of these areas, or on 2. By betting on all 3 pillars, your growth opportunities are greatest and you usually achieve the best result.

The price of one month of our SEO services Company in Amritsar starts from approx INR 15000/-.
For big-budget, one month of our SEO services Company in Amritsar can cost up to INR 40,000/-.

If after a year you wonder desperately whether your SEO specialist is doing a good job, the answer is probably: unfortunately not. Good SEO COMPANY IN AMRITSAR PUNJAB ensures that you get clear results: you scroll up the search results page on terms that are relevant to you. Logically, you get busier.