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Cotech Agency is an #1 Best SEO company in Amritsar with years of online experience. Collaborate with the best SEO Company in Amritsar and make the most of your website. Cotech Agency is an experienced SEO company in Amritsar when it comes to optimizing for search engines like Google, with a variety of services. In doing so, we do not stare ourselves dead at keyword positions during an SEO campaign, but we focus on looking for opportunities in the field of traffic and conversion. Want to know more? Contact us, or read more about our SEO Services!

SEO Company in Amritsar
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SEO Company in Amritsar

Are you looking for an SEO Company in Amritsar with highly cost-efficient campaigns? We are the SEO company in Amritsar that can be of perfect service to you. With a seo campaign by Intelligent internet marketing company in Amritsar, your website is guaranteed to get higher in the Google search ranking. Based on our many years of experience in search engine optimization(SEO),we can offer you SEO campaigns and of course take care of all the necessary work to get your business website to the top of Google. This ensures sustainable quality web traffic. Research has shown that 97% of all internet searchers only view the first page of the Google results. Only three percent click multiple pages. Getting higher in Google is therefore a pre requisite for better and more organic traffic to your website. Scoring well in the search engine is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity.

Our SEO Services in Amritsar

Cotech Agency is a specialized Digital Marketing Agency with over a decade of experience in delivering award-winning SEO services and seo campaigns to customers from a wide range of industries. We have been consistently voted one of the Best SEO Services in Amritsar by industry leaders.

Website Development company in Amritsar

web development

Need a website development? I will build a modern web design development, user-friendly website design for you that is optimized for search engines.

SEO Services in Amritsar

SEO Services

You have a beautiful website, but it cannot be found in Google. That is a well-known story and very unfortunate. that's where our seo services comes into play.

Social Media Optimization in Amritsar


SMM Stands for Social Media Marketing. SMM is an important and integral part of online marketing, as well as a great way to communicate with potential customers

SEO company with transparent reports

We inform you monthly about the results achieved and the work we have carried out for this purpose. Want to keep track of how things are going or need input for an internet marketing consultation? In your own Reporting environment you will find all data about the ongoing SEO campaign 24/7.

SEO Services in Amritsar with Transparency
SEO Services in Amritsar with Transparency

Positive results within 4 weeks

In most cases, we can provide the first positive results within 4 weeks. Because of our qualitative approach, these results are not simply lost if we stop our efforts. In this way, we provide a lasting basis for good online findability. We provides highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective IT services to a wide variety of global clients and offers a wide range of business solutions that are designed to meet specific business needs.

WE LET OUR PORTFOLIO DO THE TALK! OUR PORTFOLIO Our Work Efficiency Web Development and Designing - 92%, Search Engine Optimization - 93%, Social Media Marketing - 94%, Content Marketing - 89%, Pay Per Click - 86%, Internet Marketing - 87%. Our Aim is to make you No. 1 on Search Engines. The Best SEO Services in Amritsar provide the result oriented and Cost Effective.

Best SEO Company in Amritsar with guarantees

We do not guarantee that we will realize the number 1 in Google, because in SEO there are always factors that we do not fully influence. The most important one? Google itself. We give 3 guarantees:

  1. We work transparently and make measurable what every Rupee Flex
  2. We don't use black-hat practices
  3. We look beyond positions in Google and go for demonstrable results
SEO Services in Amritsar with Transparency

Digital Marketing Company in Amritsar

Do you want to implement a successful digital strategy for your company in Amritsar punjab? Call on our multi-lever digital marketing Company in Amritsar. Develop your web visibility in Punjab and all over india with our multi-lever digital marketing company. Our consultants are experts in 360° online and multi-device acquisition (desktop, mobile and tablet). We are committed to supporting you optimally in order to develop your notoriety,your qualified web traffic and your sales on the Internet through our various services: paid SEO, Organic SEO(Search Engine Optimization), web applications development, Display & video advertising, advertising on social media platfor, mobile advertising and lead generation.

Expertise Google Ads & Shopping in Amritsar

Our digital marketing company in Amritsar is 100% Certified Google Partner Premier & Bing Partner. To enable your business to maximize the performance of your search & shopping campaigns,our seo consultants create and optimize your Google Ads & Bing Ads ads from your budget and defined goals.
Our seo consultants work with the best seo tools on the market and benefit from exclusive partnerships to boost the performance of your Shopping & seo campaigns, and optimize your advertising investments.

SEO Company Marketing Technique

The SEO Company in Amritsar is established since 2015 and it is specialized in different categories like website development, Content Marketing, Mobile app development, Social Media Marketing, Technical SEO, Google My Business and White Label SEO etc. To seduce your targeted audience, we set up and pilot effective SEO and visibility SEO strategies for you.

Social Media Marketing :
This is a type of marketing that comes on social media platforms. Not to expect, this notion includes a wide range of activities that have only social media in common. So, if you want to promote a blog or organize a recruitment campaign, and if it is done in connection with Facebook or Twitter, it is because it is social media marketing.
Content Marketing :
Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on the creation and dissemination of valuable, useful and informative content in order to communicate with its audience and develop its visibility. Content marketing is a component of inbound marketing.
Keyword and keyword research :
Keywords are at the heart of all seo attentions. This is the basic element of a good SEO strategy. Sometimes difficult to find and sometimes difficult to choose, keywords are variables subject to user queries and can therefore vary from one period to the next. However, they reveal the search intention which is very interesting in order to position oneself on key phrases and to acquire qualified traffic. As an SEO Company, 1st Position gives you some useful leads to find the right keywords!

Looking for a reliable operational partner
for your company’s growth?

Why an SEO company ?

You may be wondering why you need to engage a third party for your company's search engine optimization. After all, the Internet is full of information about SEO for companies and there is probably a few things to be found in it, right? The problem with that is that with not all the information you find on the Internet, It is better to hire a Best SEO Company in Amritsar that knows exactly how SEO works and that already has a lot of experience with this. A SEO Company with customer-friendly, enthusiastic employees who are happy to serve you.

How do you choose the best SEO company?

What do you want to achieve with "Search Engine Optimization"? If you do not set any goals in advance, there is no point in Website or improve online visibility. Digital Marketing specialists look not only at the figures, but at the results. First, an objective is set such as "selling an X number of products" or "recruiting so many new leads", a strategy is then developed for this. Make your choice based on good communication, with a clear seo strategies for the longer term with measurable results.

We Help to Increase Conversion Rate

Marketing Company in Amritsar with Good Technique

Step one. Ensuring a good technical basis

As a full-service SEO Company in Amritsar, we distinguish ourselves by, among other things, our technical optimization skills. Technology – the basis for higher positions in Google – nowadays goes beyond good coding and indexing. We ensure speed, accessibility and safety and take into account title tags, headers, schema.org, speed, and filters, among other things. With a good technical basis, we can make the most of the budget for Digital marketing Services.

Content Marketing Company in Amritsar

Step 2. B2B OR B2C

We investigate the search behavior of your target group and adapt our digital strategy to those findings. This way we know exactly how we can be visible to your potential customers. Whether it concerns business categories or individuals.
Your target group always does research online before purchasing a product or service. Thanks to SEO Services Amritsar, you are visible to your potential customers when they enter a search query into the search engine and show interest.

B2B Company in Amritsar

Step 3. We go for authority

Relevant incoming, external links ensure a higher Domain Authority and thus also higher positions in Google or Bing. This Domain Authority starts at 1 and can reach up to 100. For this reason, we fill in almost every SEO campaign with link building via a large and qualitative exposure network.

SEO Services in Amritsar with Authority

Step 4. Content for traffic and conversion rate

For online findability, it's essential to have content that entices both your ideal customer and Google. In this way, we ensure that the growing number of website visitors actually takes action. Measurable result. Are there any steps to be made here?


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few more frequently asked questions about SEO Company in Amritsar. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via info@cotechagency.com

90% of all Punjab people start their search for a service, product or company in Google. In addition, SEO agency online proves to deliver the best quality visitors. In most cases, conversion rates from organic traffic are better than, for example, from online advertisements.

Behind almost half of all searches there is a local search intent. Local SEO is aimed at getting to the top of Google specifically in your own region. Local search engine optimization is more than just creating a Google My Business page. You should also take into account local citations and local backlinks.

Roughly speaking, you can calculate the turnover you can achieve using the following formula: Search volume X CTR X Conversion rate X price of your product /service. Search volume = the number of searches in Google for the specific search term CTR = (click through) percentage in the SERP (Google search engine ranking) Conversion rate = the percentage of visitors taking action on your website. E.g. purchase or completion of a form

In summary: if you go for a steady and more solid nice spot in the seo search engine results, opt for SEO. If you want to be immediately visible and immediately generate more revenue from the search engines, choose SEA.
Longer explanation: with SEA (search engine advertising) you can be at the top of the seo search engine ranking with an advertisement. However, you keep paying for that ad every time someone clicks on it. If you stop advertising, your nice spot in the search engine results is immediately gone. SEO (search engine optimization) takes a longer breath: it takes longer for you to be in a good place in the local search results. Once you stand there, however, you are there for free and you are not just gone in a day.

An SEO specialist or SEO experts ensures that your website shows its best side for search engines such as Google. He does this by optimizing your website in the field of technology, content and authority (link building). There are also SEO specialists who focus exclusively on one of these areas, or on 2. By betting on all 3 pillars, your growth opportunities are greatest and you usually achieve the best result.

Plenty of SEO specialists on offer, but how do you choose a good one? There are no quality marks or registers for SEO experts: anyone can decide to call themselves SEO specialist on a beautiful day. Our advice: use common sense if you are looking for a good SEO specialist. Even a great SEO expert can't promise you that within two months you will pass the giants like internet marketing agency or seo services in amritsar on very competitive keywords.

If after a year you wonder desperately whether your SEO specialist is doing a good job, the answer is probably: unfortunately not. Good SEO COMPANY IN AMRITSAR ensures that you get clear results: you scroll up the search results on terms that are relevant to you. Logically, you get busier.