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At CoTech Agency, we're committed to being your strategic partner, no matter what stage your company is in. From small businesses to enterprise companies and agency partners, we do it all. The name speaks for itself. White Label SEO is SEO services that are white-labeled, meaning no brand name attached. This is a new generation of search engine optimization services..

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white Label SEO services

As a web design agency or communications agency you sooner or later get the demand from customers to help them with their SEO and content creation. But SEO is a profession in its own right. It takes a lot of know-how. Moreover, the factors that search engines take into account change regularly. Following up on the latest changes is almost a full-time activity.
That's why you do well to outsource SEO. Enlist the help of an external expert to optimize your customers' websites for search engines. The advantage? You don't have to invest in training your own employees or recruit new team members. Moreover, you choose which things you can hire an external SEO expert.

Why CoTech Agency?

Are you still in doubt? There are plenty of reasons to use CoTech Agency's white label SEO services:


You will be called upon by a passionate SEO expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field. This experience is essential to achieve the right results.

Wide range

CoTech Agency offers a complete range of on and off-site SEO services, such as keyword research, copywriting, technical advice, link building, tracking, etc.


As a white label SEO service provider, anonymity is very important. CoTech Agency works behind the scenes, so your agency's customers don't know you're outsourcing SEO.


Do you want a long-term cooperation or do you need something once? Both options are possible. So you enjoy a lot of flexibility.

Quality White Label SEO services?

We act behind the scenes to provide you with the best white label SEO Services for your customers. We provide you with Quality SEO services or seo reseller services that have the following features:

Desired Result

SEO can grow your agency offerings and your client base, Our SEO campaigns are organised and planned such that the desired results are obtained as soon as possible. The campaign which starts with audit and analysis creates a plan in which each step is taking the website closer to high rank on google. Our experts pay special attention that every step is executed in the best way to ensure that the right results are derived at the end of SEO campaigns.


Transparency is the key to built trust. That is why we focus on providing our clients with the best real-time metrics and SEO dashboard to communicate the progress of SEO campaigns. We keep them updated about the project and give them the right to ask details about each step of the campaign and its importance.


Our white label SEO services are dependable, and you can rely on us for outsourcing your SEO projects. Quality work is our priority, and we share the SEO results with you in the right metrics. Our account and project managers evaluate the quality assurance to keep the high standards of our service.


We make sure that our metrics or seo audits are right and apt for you to analyse the ROI of projects. Do keyword research, optimize your clients blog posts and landing pages, or analyze backlink profiles. We have metrics which make the SEO results quantifiable. Thus the measurement of progress becomes more comfortable. We provide you with a dedicated dashboard for each project to help you view the real-time metrics and success of the SEO campaign.

Private label referencing services include:

  • SEO Audits and Analysis - Discover immediate ranking opportunities, keyword recommendations and the ability to rank your customers' websites.
  • Local SEO Audits and Analysis - Discover localized ranking opportunities, keyword recommendations and the ability to rank your customers' websites.
  • E-commerce SEO Audits and Analysis - Generate more conversions and improve the ranking of your products in relevant search results.
  • Keyword search - Full search and analysis of keywords, with recommendations designed to increase traffic.
  • Content Creation - Encourage people to share with attractive texts and blog posts when you outsource your customers' content to our team.
  • Page Optimization - Optimize the elements and content of your page to maximize its ability to be found and indexed correctly.
  • White-label dashboards - SEO real-time reporting dashboard for full visibility of campaign performance.
  • White Label Reports - Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console, with built-in SEO ranking and reporting tools to make it easier to communicate with customers.
  • Proposal Generator - Create personalized proposals for your SEO, Web Design, Social Media and PPC prospects. Follow all the proposals in one place!
  • Agency Consulting - Your project manager and our staff will work with you to make your clients' projects work. Armed with resources and their platform, you can focus on innovation and the customer experience.
Evolve your operations with pre-packaged SEO services that you can add to your agency's offerings and cover the work you need for customers. No need to hire in-house talent or worry about balancing operational capacity - SEOReseller's white-label referencing programs will provide you with the resources you need to get deliverables for all customers.

Private label referencing packages start at just US$250 and increase with your needs. SEOReseller also offers web design, pay-per-click management, social media, reputation management and other services.

White Label SEO vs Reseller SEO: How Do They Compare?

Reseller SEO is a very common term that is often used synonymously with White Label SEO. The main differences between Reseller SEO and White Label Services are as follows: Access to a team – when you partner with a white label provider, you usually have access to a project coordinator and account managers who will be there to help you succeed. Why Choose Cotech Agency as your White Label Provider? SEO Resellers with Digital Marketing Solutions. Whether you're a digital marketing agency, SEO Agency, SEO Company, seo companies, or a web designing agency However, with white-label you are likely to get a little more strategy support .

Benefits of White Label SEO?

We've defined what white-label SEO is. No doubt, finding a high-quality white-label solution is likely the better strategic decision for most (not all) of the time. Should you fork out 50k for a decently experienced SEO specialist and bring all the work in-house, or should you make the decision to partner with a white label firm or white label seo agency? Choosing to work with White Label SEO Company gives them relief from the burden of performing. There are some benefits to choosing a white-label SEO provider, but at the end of the day the decision you should make, depends on your unique situation. Reseller SEO or white label SEO is a solution where you select exactly what core set of SEO actions will be completed for a client and you buy the package from an SEO reseller services and deliver to your client. Our White Label SEO company provides detailed analytics on your client's site. SEO reseller solutions ( SEO Reseller Services ) promote branding so your clients never know you used an SEO reseller program and reseller services.

White Label SEO service?

Our White label SEO Agency or white label seo firms are best for the business who are looking forward to scaling their company, but they are reluctant to make any investment in the form of hiring new SEO experts. White Label SEO: Reselling SEO Services With White Label Providers or white label seo experts (Update May 12, 2020, from Adam) – We respect and understand that our world remains in an unprecedented and uncertain time right now – including the world of many web and digital marketing agencies. If you're debating on partnering with a white-label SEO provider, why not start by grabbing a demo with access to submit a free (manual) audit and we can continue the conversation from there. With the constantly evolving landscape and the historically negative reputation, many marketing agencies decide to stay clear of SEO, and those who approach it often do so in a white label SEO Company model or another type of outsourced SEO solution. When you partner with a white-label provider they should have a proven process that they bring to the table (I hope) along with a set of deliverables that you and your clients interact with.

When is your business ready to get an SEO reseller partner?

There is a time in your business when you have recurring clients, and client retention rate is high. You have diverse income sources and many connections. At this time, your company is ready to scale .Add new revenue from existing clients without additional overhead This isn't necessarily exclusive to the white-label approach, but if you aren't offering SEO currently and you create a strategic partnership with a white label Services SEO firms or with white label SEO Services Agencies, then you are able to immediately take that offering to your existing clients – whether they are web design clients, paid digital clients, social, etc. .Get Started White Label SEO Program The data-driven business of digital marketing is an explosive growth industry - Businesses believe in its effectiveness, marketing agency budgets are on the rise and businesses are hiring agencies to manage complex digital marketing campaigns .White Label SEO services Outsourcing with Cotech agency. Remember that an SEO program is an investment that can take months to deliver A good SEO reseller company or white label SEO Angency (like Cotech Agency😉) will offer their customers different seo packages to choose from. Benefits of Working with White Label SEO Companies If you're looking for an effective and straightforward way to begin growing your company in revenue and customers, then white label SEO provider is the best tool at your disposal. The Cost Effectiveness by price point of Hiring Cotech Agency By using our white label SEO programs, you're saving yourself time and energy which can be spent on other aspects of your business.

Why You Should Consider a White Label SEO Partner?

If you don't have the time to provide SEO services to customers operating small to medium-sized companies, consider hiring a white label SEO partner to help you generate revenue and expand reach of your clients. We have SEO reseller programs that can satisfy any kind of business. our White label SEO programs professionals offer services tailored to meet you and your client's needs using external platforms or strategies optimizing a company's digital content and content creation. “White label” means all SEO services are completely re-brandable to allow your business to sell them as your exclusive product. Meet America's Best (and Most Authoritative) SEO Agencies This Year The company services clients directly as well as providing white label SEO program ( white label SEO program ) & link building services for several search marketing companies and digital marketing agencies in both Canada and the United States. Ability to White Label SEO Reports While white-labeling is not essential (no client will sniff at receiving SEO reports with a Google logo in the top corner), it helps keep brand name consistent and gives a professional sheen to everything you send a client's way. Moreover, project management is a breeze with our 100% white label seo provider or white label project management system – Project Work. Remember, we are totally invisible – 100% white label SEO Company ( SEO Agency ), We never get in touch with your clients. Since the very beginning, our white label SEO Company ( white label SEO Agency ) business model and low prices ( price point view ) are based on partnership with large SEO companies.

Our SEO Solutions for Marketing

As Best white label SEO service provider, we ensure that we provide the best solutions to the problems our clients face. We individually deal with each project, and our SEO consultants offer valuable suggestions to SEO agencies after performing SEO audits and analysis on their projects. A white label services marketing agency, like CoTech Agency , helps save you money Our SEO reseller company provides the following reseller services to SEO agencies and SEO marketers to grow their business.The local agency that sold the SEO services to the medical clinic, understood that SEO wasn’t their strong suit but it could be, by white-labeling. You can add citations on local business directories, websites, and social platforms, but again, for most agencies, white-labeling this type of SEO work is a much more efficient use of time and budget. Get in touch we provide private label seo, WHITE LABEL SEO RESELLER SERVICES & WHITE LABEL RESELLER PROGRAMS & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES & WHITE LABEL RESELLER PROGRAM IN YOUR BRAND NAME WITH UP TO best MARGINS! Full White label. we provide bespoke services to marketing agencies, web design companies and businesses of any size

Content marketing

Some provide a finite amount of content creation, some may only do optimizations and improvements to existing content, while others will create full content marketing plans and create consistent content – it largely depends on their approach to SEO. “Consider the search process like a business owner: it's an investment in your future.” If you choose to make contact with the agency that you are interested in working with, Contact us.

Blogger Outreach

The top ranks on Google can only be gained when your website holds a good number of authority backlinks. Cotech Agency has a 5000+ genuine and robust network of blogs that can add great authority to your domain. Thus, it can help you to gain the best backlinks to improve the off-page SEO of websites. We provide the real and organic traffic to your website with the help of good off-page SEO by our blog networks along with our best on-page SEO.

Custom Outreach

Along with the valuable backlinks from our strong blog network, our SEO team also develops custom backlinks for your website and projects. This is quite a difficult task which can only be done by experienced and excellent communication skills that can persuade valuable publishers to accept your website and promote its content. Our SEO campaigns generate strong backlinks for customers with the help of experts we own.

On-page Service

Right on-page SEO, combined with technical SEO, is what ranks a website on google. On-page SEO is a complex process which starts from in-depth keyword research to find the right and apt keywords to rank on search engines. The keywords research and use in right density help the internet users find you by common phrases. Our experts pay special attention to on-page SEO because it is the primary source of organic traffic and clicks on your website.

Managed SEO service

Our company provides you with the facility of complete management of your projects so that you can free yourself from work hassle. We have an excellent system for SEO marketers and agencies which can help them to stay updated about projects but free from the work hassle. Our expert teams efficiently manage your projects, configure all of the on-page optimizations and you can access real-time metrics on the dashboard to analyze the progress of the projects.


Our team provides you manually built citations which increase your searchability in search engines. We offer a free citation health check-up of your websites to help you analyse the need for citations on your projects. We offer a fast turnaround for citations building, although it is a time-consuming process. You will get best white label SEO services reports with each project so that you can share them with your clients.

We helped the companies with their digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Agency India

Ready for the next step in digital marketing? Together we will develop a personalized digital strategy to help you grow online. Cotech Agency is India based, and we provide a broad range of digital marketing services that fit both startups and established companies. We might just be the digital marketing partner you are looking for.

Conversion optimization

Is your digital marketing up to speed and do you want to get more out of your website? Then conversion optimization is the next step. We create A/B tests and will improve performance.

Display Marketing

Want to reach a large audience with a small budget? Then display advertising is the way to go. Reach thousands of people and drive traffic to your website with ease.

Data Driven Marketing

Build, measure, learn. These are the steps for data driven marketing. Create a beautiful website, gather data from your visitors and learn from your leads and customers.


A long term investment with a high ROI. Search engine optimization is still a lucrative way of growing any business. When done right, it will generate traffic for years to come.

Google Ads

With Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) you can target specific search queries with your advertisement in the Google search engine. It ensures fast results with a clear return on investment. Our monthly tender love and care will increase the ROI significantly.

Conversion Design

Good UX web design is the base of a well performing website. A combination of awesome design and data driven decisions will achieve higher conversion rates, leading to more sales. Conversion design is a crucial part of any digital marketing strat...!


An easy way to get your brand into the heads of people by using remarketing. Remind the people that visited your website to buy your product and get your brand in their brain.

Social Media Advertising

Display your brand or product on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat. Target the right audience at the right place at the right time through social media advertising.

Your digital marketing strategy is just a phone call away

What happens when you make the call? During a brief introduction we will aks you about your company and challenges. We will schedule a meeting, and soon we will start creating an online marketing strat... that fits your business and budget. Once we have decided what your business goals are, we will make a plan to continuously optimise your website and improve your online visibility. We manage your digital marketing campaigns in Google Ads, create landing pages that are optimised for conversion and work on SEO. With our team of marketeers, developers and designers we become your digital marketing department. Enabling you to do what you do best: running your business.

Converting Web Design

A good looking website is nice, but what’s really important is that your visitors convert. At Cotech Agency, we distinquish ourselves by focussing on the purpose of your website first. Our UX specialists make data driven decisions to help you spike those conversion rates. And yes, they will make it look awesome too. But that is a given.

Inbound Marketing

If we perfect your messaging and timing, and manage your follow ups well, we can make significant progress in your lead generation! We build, measure, learn and optimize. Our Online Marketing & SEO experts, seo analysts are Google Ads Certified,Google Search Console experts, Google Analytics Quilified. Thinking about a Marketing Automation Platform? We are proud partner of Hubspot.

How It Works
core competencies

1. Request

Tell us what kind of content you need, which URL needs on page optimization, or ask us for recommendations.

seo partnership

2. Review

Review potential topics, formulated based on our careful research, and let us know what sounds good to you!

seo strategies

3. Relax

Our team will handle all writing, editing, revisions, and (depending on the platform you use) even post your content.

account manager

4. Rank

Watch your new content get indexed as you gain additional keywords, and rise in the search rankings.

Looking For A Customized SEO Plan?

Get in touch with our seo experts

The following points are included in the monthly SEO support within the framework of the hourly quota:

  • Continuous monitoring of your project, in the event of problems the network companions act immediately
  • The most urgent measures can be implemented immediately together with the SEO manager (in consultation)
  • SEO Consulting: Proactive for your website - we will inform you immediately of any current changes
  • Monthly reporting: Rankings of your relevant keywords & agreed key figures (e.g. visibility index) and development of competitors
  • Further analyzes in the course of the month on- and off-page indices, competitors, keywords, etc. (targeted partial analyzes for the further development of the SEO strategy, without handout)
  • Optimization of texts (SEO) and, if necessary, briefing for text creation by professional copywriters (plus a number of words x current word price)Regular appointments to define the next steps
  • Concrete recommendations for action based on detailed analyzes
  • Advice on implementation: We would be happy to advise your IT or web agency
  • Backlink research: We research topic-relevant blogs and websites on a monthly basis that can be used for building backlinks. After budget agreement and approval, we set up the backlink in full service. The additional, variable media budget required for this is proposed and billed monthly.
  • Budget can be used flexibly: analyzes, advice, content checking and optimization, or the control of off-page measures are possible within the agreed hourly quota.

White Lable SEO FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via info@cotechagency.com

SEO is for everyone, whether it is a small local family business such as a restaurant, a clothing store or a small eshop, or it is a multinational that operates in many countries around the world. After all, big companies used to be small and certainly would not have been able to reach the top of Google organically without some SEO strategy and the reason they remain on top is because they know that Digital Marketing actions pay off for them and they continue to invest in them.

At Cotech Agency we have a large portfolio and have helped large multinationals stay on top so that their competitors do not overtake them in Google's organic results. We have also helped many small businesses to survive and find their way in the online age, to increase their profits and to grow at a steady pace. This is one of our main goals, to help those who need our services, knowledge and experience. And the biggest achievement for us is when these small businesses, with patience and perseverance, succeed and appear organically in Google results higher than other much larger companies, their real competitors.

Of course you can only do SEO and of course it will give you results. But the results will be slow enough and certainly not as good as with a complete Digital Marketing package. The reason this is done is because, as we have mentioned above, SEO is just a part of Digital Marketing. It's certainly one of the most important pieces, but it's not complete. SEO (search engine optimization) is a subcategory of SEM (search engine marketing) which is a category of Digital Marketing. But the other categories of Digital Marketing are just as important as Outreach, Insight, PPC, Social, Content, Local SEO, ASO (application search optimization).

Google wants variety and all the "pieces" of Digital Marketing are directly related to each other and affect each other. For example, Google takes Social Signs very seriously and this directly affects organic results (SEO). That is, when Google sees that a website has a lot of traffic from Social Networks like Facebook, it considers that the website has a lot of value and raises it higher in the organic results. So we understand that SEO services alone are not enough and the best thing for an ideal result is to have a complete Digital Marketing package to be 100% sure that we will climb to the top.

This mainly depends on the content of your website, services, products and even the articles in the Blog section of your website. It also depends on the "power" that your website acquires in the eyes of Google with the Digital Marketing actions that are done every month. You may have heard that you can appear on Google, for example, for 10 keywords. This is incorrect. It is not possible for a web page to appear organically on Google for only a small number of keywords and not for other keywords related to the web page and its object.

We will explain how the topic works with keywords. The more and more quality Digital Marketing actions are done every month, the more power your website gains in the eyes of Google. Google considers your website important and starts looking for it thoroughly with its thousands of bots, known as Google Bots or Google Crawlers. Thousands of automatic robots "walk" on your website looking for every corner, from the home page, menu, products, services, articles and even photos of your website. So they automatically generate many keyword combinations and these are the keywords for which your website is slowly appearing organically on Google. At the beginning it will be on the last pages and it will go up depending on the actions that are done and the power that your website acquires. So we understand why texts are so important. The more texts we have on our website with the right keywords the better the organic results.

Of course we can. As mentioned above, the more power our website has in the eyes of Google the better the organic results and the number of keywords that will appear in the search engine. But this is often not accidental. There are many ways we can help our website rank higher for specific keywords that interest us the most and are most in demand but also help Google better understand the business and website object to rank us higher. for these keywords. This will focus more on the keywords we are interested in while at the same time the website will gain more power and Google will create even more keyword combinations.

At Cotech Agency we believe that every customer is unique and for this reason we do not have ready standard offers. Each offer is prepared after discussion with each customer and after we fully understand the object of the company and its goals. Also before the offer, market research, Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis are done as all these affect the strategy that we will follow and the budget. So each offer is tailored to the needs of each customer based on their goals and the market and financial ability. However, we always inform the client about the type of strategy we have followed and we always offer options for a more aggressive strategy (bigger budget so faster results) or more conservative strategy (the lowest possible budget so slower results). The term budget is a financial term of marketing and many customers are unfamiliar with the term. After all, they do not have to know it as it is not their job. For this reason in Cotech Agency we always give a price which concerns our fee for our services but also includes the budget for all marketing activities that take place every month. Usually the budget percentage is 70-80%. The bigger the budget the more and more quality marketing actions will be done every month so we will have better results in a shorter period of time (aggressive strategy). While when the budget is small the marketing actions are less so it takes more time to see the desired results.

Yes, they do help a lot. The main reason they help is because as mentioned above Google wants variety and combination of actions. SEO is a part of Digital Marketing and although it is one of the most important in itself it is not enough. Need help from other tracks and Google Ads (PPC) and Social Media are 2 of them. So when Google sees that we are paying for Google ads and bringing traffic to the website then it takes the company more seriously and favors it in organic results. Also, when she sees that there is a lot of traffic from Social Media, she understands that the services or products of the specific website are liked by the people and again favors it in the organic results as Google takes Social Signs (traffic, likes, very seriously). engagement etc). That is why at Cotech Agency we offer not only SEO services but a complete Digital Marketing package. Our goal is to achieve your goals and reach the top of Google as soon as possible.

Google is a huge machine that works at a slow pace. This means that the actions taken today do not have immediate results. The results can be seen in 1 month, in 3 or even in 6 months. When we will see good results depends on the market, the object, the competition but also the budget, that is, whether we will follow a conservative or aggressive strategy. If the competition is small then your website will rise to the top of Google much faster than if the competition is high. Having worked with small and large companies from around the world we have come across all the cases. We have customers who have climbed to the top of Google since the very first month. Not because they had no competitors, simply because their competitors have never been involved in Digital Marketing. On the other hand, we have customers who took 1 year to see the first good results and several extra months to reach the top because they have great products and huge competition. But with patience and perseverance they did it and now they are far ahead of their competitors.

Marketing, whether traditional or digital, is for every business an investment for the future. And like any investment there is a risk and a failure rate. No marketer in the world can guarantee the result. Whoever does it is just kidding you. And the reason that no one can guarantee the result is because it is impossible to know what actions your competitors will take tomorrow or in the coming months and what results their own actions will have. Unfortunately marketing can not be completely rendered with numbers. We have been asked several times the following: I will give 10, how much will I get back? Unfortunately there is no answer to this question.

In a word, no, we can not guarantee any result. But what we can guarantee is that there is no way after at least 6 months of proper Digital Marketing you will not see any results. Of course you will see results. It may not be desirable in some cases but that does not mean that there is no progress. Every month we send to all our customers detailed reports in which they can see the results. Every month our customers see which position in Google they appear for specific keywords, how many positions they went up or down compared to the previous month, how many keywords appear in the first 3 positions, how many on the first page, how many entered the site organically compared to the previous month and more. This means that from the first months you will see progress. For example, in the beginning your website may not appear anywhere on Google for a very important keyword and in the second month it may appear in 67th place, in the third month in 43rd, in the fourth month in 6th, etc. How fast it will go up depends on competition and the market. It can go up in the first places even from the first month but it can take up to 1 year. The important thing is that it will go up, slowly and steadily, but it will go up. After all, what goes up fast, falls fast. What we are interested in is to climb and stay on top. For example, in the beginning your website may not appear anywhere on Google for a very important keyword and in the second month it may appear in 67th place, in the third month in 43rd, in the fourth month in 6th, etc. How fast it will go up depends on competition and the market. It can go up in the first places even from the first month but it can take up to 1 year. The important thing is that it will go up, slowly and steadily, but it will go up. After all, what goes up fast, falls fast. What we are interested in is to climb and stay on top. For example, in the beginning your website may not appear anywhere on Google for a very important keyword and in the second month it may appear in 67th place, in the third month in 43rd, in the fourth month in 6th, etc. How fast it will go up depends on competition and the market. It can go up in the first places even from the first month but it can take up to 1 year. The important thing is that it will go up, slowly and steadily, but it will go up. After all, what goes up fast, falls fast. What we are interested in is to climb and stay on top. The important thing is that it will go up, slowly and steadily, but it will go up. After all, what goes up fast, falls fast. What we are interested in is to climb and stay on top. The important thing is that it will go up, slowly and steadily, but it will go up. After all, what goes up fast, falls fast. What we are interested in is to climb and stay on top.

Of course not. After a year of Digital Marketing your website has already gained a lot of power for Google and the power of the internet tends to shift as it does to the laws of physics. The main power is acquired by your domain, ie the domain name or otherwise your home page. So when you add a new service it makes sense to display it on the home page and in the menu. So the new service will draw strength from the home page and the other pages to which it will link (internal linking) and will start appearing organically on Google much sooner than it would appear if you started Digital Marketing from scratch. So you understand why we say that Digital Marketing is an investment for the future. Over time your website gets more and more power and as many new services or products and add them appear organically on Google very quickly without having to invest more. Your website is constantly gaining more value in every sense of the word.

And here we have an example (case study). Wine Outlet after a year of Digital Marketing had not yet managed to have the sales it was aiming for in order to be able to depreciate and make a profit even though it appeared in the first places of Google for very important keywords such as "buy wine online" , "Red wines" etc. because in Greece we are not yet used to buying wines online. Cotech Agency goal is not just to get to the top of Google. We are a goal driven company and we always find solutions for our customers and help them achieve their real goals by recognizing opportunities in every market. In this case we thought that wines are directly related to gifts and are a gift for every occasion. After a lot of keyword research we found that keywords like "gifts for name day", "gifts for men", "gifts for birthday", "gifts for wedding" and many others are in great demand on Google. More specifically, the keyword "gifts for name day" is searched by an average of 6,600 people every month. After the research we created 9 new categories (product pages) on the Wine Outlet website. All the new categories drew strength from the home page and appeared organically in the top 3 Google positions within 1 month and each category is displayed for specific keywords related to its products. For example, if you type in the keyword "name day gifts" on Google right now, you will see that in the second place appears this category: https: // wineoutlet. gr / dwra-gia-onomastiki-eorti. Also do not forget that gifts have a lot of competition and many other websites offer gifts that have nothing to do with wines or drinks.

Because a text is considered the intellectual property of the owner, that is, of the natural person who wrote it. Google supports copyright and "punishes" its "theft". Google has the ability to know if a text has been published anywhere else on the internet and its bots have "crawled" it. So when a text is published on a website or even on a Social Network like Facebook, and that website has enough power to be scanned by Google bots, then Google permanently saves that text in its history and patents that particular website as copyright owner. This means that if someone copies this text and publishes it on another website, Google will understand it and automatically reduce the power of the website that copied it while increasing the power of the original website considering that it has such good content that other websites want to copy it. If a website has no genuine text at all but only copied from other websites it will be very difficult to appear and upload to Google organic results while risking getting a penalty.

It is very easy to see if a website has genuine texts or not. Find a paragraph and select a short sentence (4-8 words). Copy and go to Google in the search field and paste. Before pressing "enter" we put "ears like these" at the beginning and at the end of the sentence. This way we tell Google that we want to find this sentence as it is literally with tones, commas, dots, etc. And then press "enter". We now have 3 versions. The first is to show us the text and show first the website from which we got it. This means that these texts belong to this website, ie they are genuine and all the websites below have copied it from the first website. The second version is for the website to be in second or third place or even lower. This means that it does not have genuine texts and this has been copied either from the website that is in the first place or from one that is above it which in turn has copied it from the first. The third option is to not display any web page and see a "text not found" message. This means that although the text has been published on this site, Google has not yet caught it. The third option is to not display any web page and see a "text not found" message. This means that although the text has been published on this site, Google has not yet caught it. The third option is to not display any web page and see a "text not found" message. This means that although the text has been published on this site, Google has not yet caught it.

As we have mentioned Google wants words - texts. Google does not understand graphics and photos unless they are accompanied by a proper description with appropriate keywords. And of course the texts must be original and not copy paste from other websites. So we understand that the first positive thing about Blog and articles is that there will be enough new content to create even more keyword combinations for which the website will appear on Google. This is also important because Google sees that this website frequently updates its content and is not a simple static website so it considers it possible and favors it in organic results. Let's not forget that Google wants above all the websites to be user friendly.

A second reason that articles are important and perhaps the most important reason is because they have the potential to significantly increase organic website traffic as long as they are done properly and targeted. For example in the case of Perfect Nutrition, a keyword research was done to see which keywords related to the company's products are in high demand on Google. After research we found that the keyword "how to lose weight" is searched by an average of 11,000 people every month. With this information a new article was created which gives tips on how to lose weight and of course it also has some products of the company. The goal is when someone searches for this keyword to get the article to appear and the site to get organic traffic, to inform its users and why not to increase its orders. Imagine doing this with 100 similar articles and with the help of Digital Marketing and the power that the website will get these articles to be on top of Google.

And a third reason that articles and the Blog are so important to any website and business is because they provide information. People now need the right information and information / knowledge before making a decision to either buy a product or service. So people gain trust in the Brand and the company has the opportunity to strengthen its online presence by creating Persona.

The answer is yes but not necessarily a description. As mentioned above, Google does not understand graphics and photos. So our goal is to help Google better understand the content of each page and photos are part of the content. So putting a title and description helps a lot but what is most important is the well-known "alternative text" or in English "Alternative text or Alt Text". This is the most important and the first that Google looks at and if on a website no photo has Alt Text then it is negative for the organic results and needs to be corrected. Alt Text helps Google understand what the photo shows and create keyword combinations to make the photo appear in organic search. Yes, you heard right. Have you ever searched for a photo with a keyword? So when someone goes to Google and selects the photos tab and writes a keyword then they will probably show him one of the photos of our website and if he clicks on it he will be automatically taken to where the photo is (probably in a product or service). This results in more organic traffic and more potential customers.