Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO Services

You have a beautiful website, but it cannot be found in Google. That is a well-known story and very unfortunate. This can be solved quickly! With the service of CoTechAgency your website will soon be on the first page of Google Search for your most important keywords, products or service. You are in the right place for complete Organic SEO consulting .

What is organic seo services

You have a beautiful website, but it cannot be found in Google. That is a well-known story and very unfortunate. This can be solved quickly! With the service of CoTechAgency your website will soon be on the first page of Google Search for your most important keywords, products or service. You are in the right place for complete Organic SEO consulting .
Our Organic SEO service is specialized in SEO marketing. CoTechAgency SEO service ensures that your website can be found at the top of search engines . Organic SEO consultancy can no longer be ignored for a website.

Organic SEO or SEO is a digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your site. With a website that optimizes by organic SEO strategy for search ranking, more people will see your site in search results, and therefore, more users will click on your links.
To really understand what organic SEO is, you first need to learn about what search engines are. A search engine is simply a tool designed to search, save and archive information available on the web. It then forwards this content to users based on their queries. Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon are some of the most popular search engines, but Google is, without a doubt, the king of the jungle.
Organic SEO consists of various components. On the one hand, there is the content, i.e. the content of your website, which is tailored to the algorithms of the search engine. So Texts, UX Writing, pictures or videos. On the other hand, successful organic search engine optimization naturally also includes technical aspects such as the loading speed of the page, clean programming, etc.

Our Organic SEO Services Incluides:

Local SEO

Local SEO as local search engine optimization. Through optimization, your website will appear in front of the search results...

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the three spearheads of search engine optimization. It is a collection of techniques to aid...

Content Marketing

With the help of content marketing you reach even more people online and increase the loyalty of existing customers ...

SEO Consultant

Maximize the SEO effect of your site with thorough Google search engine measures, from diagnosis, keyword design ...

Keyword Research

A keyword analysis or keyword research is the first important step in the optimization of a website . By understanding...

SEO Audit

Receive a comprehensive report with step-by-step instructions to optimize your website for search pages. ...

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO (SEO for short) is essential when it comes to gaining new customers and...

Offpage SEO

Ranking thousands of businesses and putting them on the map with Off Page SEO service. when it comes to...


Google My Business helps customers find your business on Google Search and Maps. With CoTech Agency...

Site Optimization

Do you have a website, but it does not deliver the intended result? Then it is high time for website...

Competitor Analysis

Get ahead of the game. We perform an exhaustive study of direct and indirect competitors to identify new marketing.

Business Profile List

These are industry-specific leading directories that every business needs to target to gain traction in Local SEO.

Benfits of Organic SEO

Organic SEO Services, How does this affect your website?


Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited clicks: Unlike paid ads, you don't pay for traffic to your site.


Relevent Keywords

Integrate the most searched keywords in your environment


Meet Technical Criteria

Meet a set of technical criteria submitted by search engines


Rank on Search Engines

Report your presence to search engines.

How Organic SEO help you to beat your Competitors

When was the last time you looked beyond the first page of results on Google? You probably don't do it very often. In fact, 75% of people don't look beyond the first page of search engine results. That said, it would be implausible and very expensive to try to promote your business on all search queries more or less related to your domain. That's why it's paramount to identify long-tail keywords if you want to outperform your real competitors, especially in a highly saturated market or a local market.
If your business relies heavily on local customers, local SEO is essential to attract users who are located in a geographic area near your business. To learn more about local SEO take a look at our local SEO service with a local organic SEO specialist.

  • Organic SEO converts 5-6X more users than other marketing.
  • Organic SEO is 65% cheaper than traditional marketing.
  • 94% of all online experiences originate from a search engine.
  • Organic SEO generates 3X more leads as paid search advertising.
  • 80% of users ignore paid ads, and choose to click only organic search results.
  • When organic SEO is done right, results usually don't happen overnight. That said, organic SEO is a long process, but it also offers long-term results. You'll notice the ongoing impact of organic SEO initiatives long after you've finished investing in these projects.

Why do you need organic SEO services?

Cotech Agency will provide you with plenty of evidence and examples of why you need to do it. we will explain to you why the statement "SEO is dead" is not true and what you lose if you do not implement organic SEO for your website.
Let's start with a brief definition of organic SEO services that you can use to start your position on organic search engine results pages. Therefore, organic search engine optimization is a complex of methods and approaches used to achieve a high ranking in the unpaid, algorithm-driven search results generated by search engines.
Organic SEO is used to strengthen your position in the search query and drive targeted traffic to your search engine results pages. In addition, it helps to make your website's content more relevant to what users are looking for.
Currently, there is many more online e Commerce website than ever before, and there is a good chance that the number of online eCommerce projects will continue to increase as more and more companies conduct their online marketing tactics. So, now is a perfect time to build your online business as the niches become more and more competitive. Organic SEO will help you take steps to make your business stand out from the crowd and attract your potential customers.

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1. Organic SEO services also for your company: Receive more quality visitors to your website

Organic Seo services from CoTechAgency guarantee a good ranking in Google. We provide SEO optimization for the most important search terms. With specially developed pages we get the maximum return from your website.
Our Organic search engine optimization service increases site traffic to your website through organic SEO strategy, internet marketing services, and website optimization. SEO is an important tool to find and convince new customers to use your services. 98 percent of internet users use search engines to look up something on the internet.

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2. Organic SEO Services that can help you with your SEO strategies

SEO is a great tool for your digital marketing campaign. A good digital marketing campaign with strong quality content can be perfect for SEO optimization. SEO is a great tool for someone who wants to draw attention to online SEO campaigns. Use part of your budget for SEO. Our service will generate better findability of your website. With proven results, excellent customer service, no up-front costs, it's easy to see why we are at the forefront of the SEO market! We are a company that focuses on getting results for our clients, not shareholder profit, which means that your SEO budget will actually go towards the ranking of your website.

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SEO strategy

With our Organic SEO service, your website will soon be high in Google. We make your website easy to find and this on the most relevant keywords related to your website. This can be achieved by tackling obstacles and optimizing both the technology and the content of your website. This increases your website in search results and increases the number of relevant visitors to your website. The changing way of search engines must always be taken into account to maintain and improve positions in Google!
It is important to determine which keywords are important to your business. Our service creates a separate SEO page in HTML for search engines for each keyword. You can do SEO Training yourself, but optimizing your website is better left to an SEO advisor is the art of getting to the top of the results list of search sites such as Google.
When internet users look up something via a search engine, SEO can be used to try to get a site as high as possible on the results page, to increase the chance of getting more visitors to that site. Seo is also called Digital marketing. The optimization of your website is becoming more and more important as more and more companies are hiring an SEO expert to get their site above yours when people (potential customers) are looking for your products. This way they get more visitors to their site. website optimization is increasingly becoming a matter for a specialized company. Cotech Agency can help you with that

What is content marketing and what is it for?

The content marketing or content marketing is about offering potential consumers the opportunity to get closer to the product offered without the need for so much advertising. Content marketing is responsible for creating, planning and distributing coherent and attractive content for buyer personality. That is, for the ideal client archetype.
The text type of content marketing It is not an advertisement. The difference is your goal. In content marketing, the web user comes to a brand property.
We can say that today a commercial strategy without creating content marketing is an incomplete strategy to create.
The key to a good strategy content marketing It is the quality of the content. If the content of the website is good, SEO will do its job and appeal to the audience.

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1. Seo Tips and Workout

SEO tips to make your website found in search engines The search engine Google is nowadays the most used search engine among Flemish internet users. Check whether your seo website is properly indexed in Google. One of the best ways is to submit your site to the Open Directory Project (ODP). Why? Because Google uses this directory as the basis of its own index. A site that is in ODP is also often seen by Google as more important than a site that is not listed here.

2. SEO consulting service
Another way to get into Google is to place a link on a page that is already indexed by Google. Google follows links from all pages in its index. If your site is now linked to one or more of those pages, Google will also find and index your site. You can find such sites for example by searching in Google for: “the subject of your site” “add url”. The third way is to simply submit your site to Google via Google's “add url” page: However, it is best to try the first two ways. This gives you the greatest chance that your pages will be indexed quickly.

The basic organic SEO services

As I mentioned earlier, organic optimization involves three essential elements – technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. Let's take a closer look at these processes to understand why we need to implement them for our web sources.


Technical SEO

Crawl Error

These errors can occur if the search crawlers cannot access certain parts of your site that are either linked to another web source or listed on the search results pages.

Not all pages are indexed

It is important that all pages are well indexed. However, some websites have either too few or too many pages. Both cases can cause indexing problems.

Page speed

Page speed is an important ranking factor that can affect the visitor experience with your website. If your pages load slowly, you need to look for a problem in a website's code. The faster you find it, the better it will be for your business on the Internet. You should run a running speed test to make sure the website loads as quickly as possible.


Research your online opportunities

Strong site architecture

Creating your website architecture, you need to make sure that all pages are necessary and relevant. All pages should be linked to other sites, and this is easy to find and not duplicated. You should keep your website structure simple and avoid too many categories and subcategories. A well-structured website makes your organic SEO so much easier in the long run.

Quality Content

Content helps to make a website relevant to users' search queries. You need to publish new content regularly to get the reader interested in your business. It's a good idea to create a blog where you can write helpful articles and tutorials. The best SEO content is for both readers and search crawlers. If you don't know for sure your writing skills and have a lack of SEO knowledge, it's better to hire an experienced SEO copywriter.

Eliminate orphaned pages

Orphaned pages are those pages on your site that are not linked to other pages. They have no value to your website and can confuse both website visitors and search engine crawlers.


Improve the existing️

Link building

Backlinks from other web sources can help you improve your website rank. However, they should be relevant and come from high-level web sources. Every time your website receives a link from another source, it will be accepted by search engines as confirmation. Unfortunately, not all links are created equal. There are many SEO experts who want to play a system that generates automated or purchased links. You should never pay for automated or purchased links as it is just a waste of money.

Social Media Marketing

All modern business owners need to have a strong social presence to maintain their business popularity. You need to communicate with your target audience through social media channels and be where your target audience is. Most companies create their social media profiles on Google+, Facebook, and Instagram. You need to invest in your social media marketing as it will bring you a high return on investment, bring new leads to your pages and make them loyal to your brand.

Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is an effective form of interaction with your target audience. It helps to increase your brand awareness and show users the level of your experience and knowledge in a particular area. It's not always possible to get opportunities, but if you can, it offers authoritative and relevant backlinks that increase your rank on the search results page.

How to Create a Results-Driven Organic SEO Strategy

If you want to be at the forefront of organic search on Google, you need an SEO strategy. An SEO strategy essentially consists of three elements: a keyword strategy, a website architecture, and a content strategy.
Strategic search engine optimization is a key competitive advantage for companies. It's about more visitors to the website.
Google, like all search engines, is above all a pull channel. This means that potential customers are actively looking for a solution to their problems.

Creating an SEO strategy essentially includes the following elements:

  1. Goals and target groups of the company as a basis
  2. Research of the relevant search terms
  3. Analysis of existing content
  4. Analysis of existing Google rankings

Development of SEO measures (content strategy)A competitive analysis can also be part of an SEO strategy. The SEO measures are prioritized and planned in a structured manner. Setting up a professional and comprehensible SEO reporting is a classic measure.
The classification of SEO in the marketing mix – for example in relation to Google Ads, social media, or content marketing – should also be taken into account.

SEO strategy

Examples of SEO strategies:

Whether landing pages or advice content: This is about redeveloping holistic pages or holistically revising existing content and texting with higher conversions. Old SEO texts have practically no chance anymore. Beforehand, it must be clear which pages get how much SEO traffic and how well the individual pages rank. That's what the example we discuss in this episode is about.
Buy links or not: This is still discussed in the SEO industry. Link purchase and link rental are still common. Instead, we rely on clean link building with well-thought-out PR and marketing measures. We'll discuss an example of this in this episode. There's no question that this takes more time and effort. However, the links are uncopyable. And you don't endanger your website existentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) means that Google considers the content on your website to be important to its customers. And all by itself, i.e. "organically". You can't buy organic ranking with money, but only influence it through organic SEO. This works by optimizing your website based on as many relevant criteria as possible. Thus, it can be well read and rated ("ranked") by the search engines.

A recent study from 2020 clearly shows that over 85% of people prefer to click on organic results rather than paid search ads. Organic SEO plays an important role for search engines.
Meanwhile, most people suffer from a kind of ad fatigue: Just because the search engines play them more ads, does not mean that searchers also click on them. In fact, the opposite seems to be true. This in turn means for online marketing that organic SEO pays off much more in the long run than a quick increase in sales through paid search results.

Search engines evaluate the quality of a website using automated computer programs. These so-called bots examine your website by "crawling" it over and over again. In this way, the bots check your website for various criteria that change again and again.

There are countless sites on the Internet. In addition, the capacities of the bots are limited. Therefore, it may take a while for your site to be crawled and rated. The current competitive situation, the history of your domain, the dynamics of your topic, and other factors.

SEO is a specialized profession where knowledge and experience make a big difference. So calling for help in the execution of your SEO work is always wise. Especially technical SEO and link building are good examples of organic SEO services that you should not do yourself or alone. So if you want to know how we can help you, please contact us.

Looking for Organic seo services for Search Engine Optimization is necessary to get higher in Google and get more visitors to your website. Cotech Agency has been specialized in search engine optimization and knows exactly what needs to be done to dominate online within the search results of Google and Bing. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have built some online companies so that we understand you!