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Ashok - 10-Feb-2022
Canonical: what is a canonical URL and how to use it?

Learn what a canonical URL is, also known as a canonical rel tag. Detailed commentary explanations, when and why to use it.

Ashok Kumar - 10-Feb-2022
Semantic analysis and its SEO impact | Cotech Agency

Semantic analysis increasingly present in SEO discussions because it has an impact on web strategy to gain visibility. For More Information…

Ashok Kumar - 10-Feb-2022
concept of Product Design and development | Cotech Agen…

Product Design relates to all stages of designing a digital service. This profession, born of the evolution of digital uses, is highly soug…

Ashok Kumar - 11-Feb-2022
Implement an operational strategy in the company

The operational strategy allows the application of the strategic plan of the company by supervising its current operations and the manageme…

Ashok Kumar - 15-Feb-2022
Portfolio of activities of a company: definition, analy…

A company's business portfolio groups together its various areas of activity. By analyzing it, the company diversifies in a timely manner.

Ashok Kumar - 15-Feb-2022
How to perform a competitive analysis?

An essential element of market research, competitive analysis helps position the company vis-à-vis its competitors. It has 4 steps.

Cotech Agency - 25-Sep-2023
Recovering Lost Keyword Rankings: A Comprehensive Guide

Did your Google rankings significantly dropped? Use this manual to immediately identify why have your rankings dropped? with steps to recov…

Cotech Agency - 27-Sep-2023
What Is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?

Get started learning the basics of search engine optimization – how SEO works, why it's important, the different types of SEO and much more.