SEO analysis Or SEO Audit

An SEO analysis or audit reveals areas for improvement for your website that influence the findability in Google. During an SEO analysis, your website is screened and you get a diagnosis of current SEO health, as it were.

Both the page-specific SEO, the technical aspect, the link building possibilities and the user-friendliness are examined. After all, these 4 factors are the important pillars of SEO.

The importance of an SEO analysis

No less than 80% of people start their search for a product or service online. Do you, as an entrepreneur, have a website? Then you undoubtedly strive for good online findability in Google. Start with an SEO audit with the ultimate goal of boosting your position in the search results.
During an SEO audit, insights are translated into action points. These action points are described in detail in your personal SEO booklet, which shows the order of importance. As soon as the action points are processed, you can count on a better position in those Google search results. And the higher you score in Google, the more visitors you welcome to your website and the greater the chance of conversion.


A thorough SEO analysis of your website

With an SEO audit, you can find out why a website doesn't get the expected results. Then it is mainly about traffic, or the visitors. Why don't they come and a site scores poorly in Google? Why are there fewer visitors? To find out, Contact Us to Receive a Free of Cost comprehensive report with step-by-step instructions to optimize your website for search engines.

What's the point of an SEO audit?

Google uses more than 200 factors to rank the search results. As a layman, you probably only know a handful of them. Moreover, these ranking factors sometimes dare to change. Google's engineers are constantly working to adjust the algorithm to improve the quality of the search results.

An SEO audit therefore offers two advantages.

On the one hand, you benefit from the knowledge of an expert. My years of experience certainly come in handy for uncovering SEO mistakes that are often overlooked. It is precisely those details that make the difference. In addition, I spend a lot of my time following news reports about search engine optimization. Like I said, the SEO world is constantly changing. The new techniques are therefore also included in the SEO audit.


What does the SEO audit entail?

We start our audit by mapping your current SEO performance. To do this, we analyze your Google Analytics account. To map the search behavior of your target group, we carry out a keyword survey and use tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog.
We look at three relevant SEO elements: on page SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO.

On page SEO
At on page SEO we look at how we can improve the content on your website. How do you write texts that score well in the search engines? And which keywords does your target group use? By adding important keywords to titles, meta descriptions, URL structure and headings (tags like h1, h2, h3), the website becomes more discoverable. You can easily adjust this yourself in the CMS.

Off page SEO
We also apply SEO outside your own site. We map out what traffic is coming through backlinks from other relevant domains, interesting articles and social media channels. We advise you on the possible steps to generate more traffic via off page SEO.

Technology of the website
Technical factors also influence the findability of your website. For example, search engines assess aspects such as loading time, responsive design, duplicate content, HTTP error messages, canonicals, redirects, structured data implementation, text readability and security level. With our audit you gain insight into the areas for improvement in the technical field.


Can't I just do a free SEO checkup via an online tool?


A lot of people who want to get higher in Google try a free SEO scan. These tools analyze a website and show errors that harm your findability in the search engines. Simple, right? But such an SEO checkup is often useless. Usually the report is not complete. In addition, you only get data, and no insights or priorities. In this article I explain why a free SEO checkup is a waste of time.

Why an SEO audit?

If you invest in content marketing and SEO, you want to make sure your budget is well spent.
You're missing out on chances? Do you feel like your content marketing or SEO is underperforming your ad campaigns? Then it's time for our free content and SEO audit.
You will receive a tailor-made report in which we map out how you are now and where your biggest opportunities lie. These are useful tips and tricks that you can get started with right away.

You're going to build a new site
You have a website that is not yet live and not yet optimized
A website gets a new design and/or another CMS
Migration of a domain or subdomain
You want to find out why visitor numbers are declining or why Google has sanctioned your siteWhen you perform a website audit for someone else, you need background information about the client, usually the website owner. Think of:
Is the client a startup or a longer active company?
Who is the point of contact and what skills does this person have?
Is the site developed and built internally or externally, or both?
What have any previous relationships with SEO consultants broken down?
Now we come to the audit itself. First, we need to look at the background and history. Please note:
Subdomains, mobile versions, https, microformats
What has been done to organically attract traffic?
Technical data such as redesign, CMS, performance
Historical and analytical data from Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools
Traffic paid for (e.g. via AdWords or Facebook)

All collected? Visit the website now and look at:
Landing pages topic
Pages about subtopics
General pages
Pages about products or servicesVisual image the website with a mind map

Visual image the website with a mind map
What kind of trouble do you see? What are the weaknesses? Which points are strong? Go through the website manually and map the entire website schematically with a so-called mind map. An example of an issue that is discovered so often is keyword cannibalization, where the homepage of a website competes with another page on the website. For each search intention, ideally keep 1 page.
Make sure you get a good idea of the planning if the site gets a new setup, fresh design or other CMS. Aim for the audit to fit into the schedule. Beware: often such schedules change.
If a site sees a decline in visitor numbers or has been sanctioned by Google, pay attention to this:
Check and document historical data
Make sure you get the crawl, backlink and related data
Inventory link building and SEO activities
Ask for previous attempts to improve optimizationTools for an SEO audit
An SEO audit must be fair and objective, so always be supported by figures. You can use a lot of tools for this. The list below is certainly not complete, but will get you started:

Screaming Frog Crawler that checks and analyzes your onsite SEO. For PC, Mac and Linux.

Deep Crawl Alternative crawler that works from the cloud, so no installation required.

SEO Quake For on-page SEO audits, control of internal and external links and more.

Web Developer Plenty of useful tools under one roof. Extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Check microdata from pages.

Io Ensures that a Javascript site can be read by the search engines.

Google PageSpeed Insights Test the loading time of web pages. A good second opinion is Pingdom

Check externally for duplicate content. Free alternatives that one could consult are: Plagium and Duplicate Checker

Find duplicate content, broken links and more within the site. As for broken left, Ahrefs is also an option.

Barracuda Tool that analyzes how Google algorithm changes have affected a site.

SEMrush For those who need keywords and want to know what the competitor scores on. An alternative could be SpyFu although it seems to have less organic search engine optimization data for the Dutch market than SEMrush. For campaigns in, I personally prefer SEMrush for that reason.

Google Search Console Various tools to check the optimization of a site, including backlinks and keywords.

If you carry out an audit as an SEO consultant, you hope that the result will be an assignment to improve the site in all important areas. This isn't always easy. The client may have put a lot of energy into the site himself or hired other search parties and paid them significantly for it. It is no fun to tell a potential customer that he or someone else has thrown the hat at it. So you have to present your website audit in a thoughtful way that no one feels good about.
Once you have collected all the data, pour everything into a beautiful shape. Usually you use a document in Word. Then consider the following:
Consider a layout that visually matches the client's corporate identity.
Get an overview. Use page numbers, chapters, paragraphs, and so on.
Don't present the numbers in boring tables, but create nice diagrams or use other ways to visualize them. Use screenshots and provide a clear explanation.
Briefly explain what the SEO concepts in your text mean and what role they play.
Avoid using the second person singular (you/you), so that the customer does not feel personally addressed when problems.
Tell us what needs to be done to get the search engine optimization of the website up to date. Do this in understandable language. Specify priorities so that the client knows the order in which this should be done.
A positive feeling must prevail. With an SEO audit, you can always help a website move forward.

Which aspects are analyzed?

An SEO audit looks at dozens of factors that determine whether your website is optimized for search engines or not. We can divide these into three large groups:


Do you have a suitable page for every important search? Is this page structured in a logical way? Are there enough internal links? In this part of the SEO analysis your website will be screened.

Technical structure

The content is important to visitors, but a lot is also happening behind the scenes. There are several technical issues that can cause problems: duplicate content, slow loading speeds, incorrect indexations ...

Link profile

External factors also play a role. Just think of backlinks from external websites or social media. These factors are of course not forgotten during the SEO audit.

Still need help after the audit?

The SEO report contains all the information to get started with search engine optimization yourself. You will find step-by-step instructions for making adjustments. Do this yourself, or give the report to your web builder. But it can also be done differently.

Would you rather outsource the implementation of these SEO suggestions?

That is not a problem at all. Cotechagency is ready for you. I am happy to take care of the optimization of your website, so that you can concentrate on more important matters. For more information about outsourcing SEO activities, go to the page about search engine optimization .



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

There are several tools on the web to perform an analysis quickly. This scan is just a general SEO review that does not go into details. In addition, the interpretation of these data plays an important role. In the SEO audit from Cotechagency, your website is not only analyzed, but recommendations are also formulated in a clear, understandable way. These recommendations differ from company to company. Because as you law: search engine optimization is customization.

During the analysis, only certain pieces of code that apply to social media, such as the Open Graph protocol, are considered. An extensive social media audit, in which your social presence is examined, is not included.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to put a fixed price on an SEO audit. The analysis of a webshop with thousands of indexed pages obviously takes more time than the SEO audit of a local electrician. Contact us for a customized price.

The cost of search engine optimization differs from project to project. A small static site or an extensive webshop: every website has its own needs. Therefore it is impossible to communicate fixed SEO optimization prices. After all, it is custom work. Would you like a price for your project? I would like to make a tailor-made offer to get your website more visitors. Contact us quickly!

Do you have any questions about your personal SEO checklist? I will not leave you out in the cold. You can always contact me for more information. You are responsible for the implementation, unless you choose one of the SEO packages.