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Do you want to get better positions in Google and get more return from your SEO? Then SEO outsourcing can be a logical choice for you. You can do SEO yourself, but in many cases, it is rewarding to outsource SEO to a qualitative and experienced SEO agency. SEO outsourcing consists of requesting the services of a professional external to the company to carry out this task. Cotech Agency provides you with SEO solutions and effective e-marketing strategies.

What We Provide as Outsource SEO Service

You have a beautiful website, but it cannot be found on Google. That is a well-known story and very unfortunate.

Need a website builder for web design? We will build a modern website for you that is optimized for search engines.

SMM is an important part of online marketing, as well as a great way to communicate with potential customers

GMB optimization makes you more visible in Google's local search results, recognizable by Google Maps.

Boost your ranking through quality Link Building Services which is one of the important factors in the field of SEO.

Do you have a website, but it does not deliver the intended result? Then it is high time for website optimization.

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Outsourcing SEO Services Professionals Working Together

// About Company

We deliver revenue-generating solutions.

Cotech Agency is located in India. Specialized in SEO outsourcing and offers a quality service. Thanks to qualified and motivated teams, this (B to B) and (B to C) company has managed to make a name for itself in SEO Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, programming, and customer relations.

SEO Outsourcing

User Experience

A good point to keep in mind here: even if you’re working with an in-house team, it’s incredibly important to keep updated reports.

SEO Outsourcing

24/7 Support

We are available for you 24/7, so now you are able to message us anytime when you need any kind of support.

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// Why Choose Us

Reasons to choose our Outsource SEO Services

At Cotech Agency we are real SEO experts. Outsourcing your SEO to us is a good idea if you want to get higher in Google.

SEO Outsourcing

Successful SEO Campaigns

We have carried out a hard selection process to stay with very talented people in the fields necessary for successful SEO campaigns.

SEO Outsourcing

Increase your sales

We have a dedicated person exclusively to the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to squeeze the most out of each visit.

SEO Outsourcing

Monitoring and Reporting

We constantly analyze the results to optimize and introduce improvements to continue growing organically.

// Expertise

Cotech Agency - specialist in Outsource SEO Services

Cotech Agency is a Digital Marketing agency created in 2020. With more than 5 years of experience in SEO, our team ensures your visibility and improves your positioning on Google search results. Specialized in SEO outsourcing, we accompany you with different solutions and set up effective strategies to realize your projects. In compliance with Google's rules and at competitive prices, we intervene in Organic SEO and paid SEO, Global SEO, national SEO, local SEO as well as SEO on social networks and virtual communities. For each keyword you entrust to us, we write unique and relevant content. Every month, we follow up on the results of our intervention to present you with a report every 6 months. Regardless of the contract we sign, we guarantee that 20% of your keywords will be placed on the first page of Google from the third month. If this is not the case, we will reimburse you in proportion to what has not been achieved.

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Outsource SEO

You have decided that you want to make optimal use of SEO and outsource SEO. You want to increase new customers and therefore the number of sales. It is important that you include SEO outsourcing service, or search engine optimization seo, in your online marketing strategy.-->
The question then is: put SEO in-house, outsource SEO or seo outsourcing service? After all, most online entrepreneurs already have a nice web design website or webshop. The next step is that you have to see if you are going to do the search engine optimization yourself or if you are going to outsource your SEO.
Pay close attention! It is important that you do not make a mistake with how your website should be set up. There is a difference between a website that is good enough and a website that actually ticks the level you need. For online success, your site will also have to be findable within, for example, Google for your target group. Potential customers use the Google search engine a lot. So when you talk about SEO outsourcing work, the focus is primarily on Google.

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Process of outsourcing your marketing

After seeing what we were doing and the interests for your company to outsource seo & its digital and operational marketing, we will now look at how we proceed:

  1. As a first step, we contact you to explain our activity, our services, our expertise, what we do for you, and the benefits for your company.
  2. In a second step, we meet to define the main lines of the operation, in relation to your wishes. Thus we ensure the relevance of the project in order to be sure to carry out actions related to your activity and your needs (s).
  3. Finally, once the project has been defined and the action plan established, we take care of the entire digital strategy defined in advance with you, and we carry out the various planned actions on a daily basis.

This process allows both to be transparent with you by presenting our activity and our services, but it allows above all to understand your expectations, and to orient the project according to your needs, to outsource seo and the digital marketing specific to your company.

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Features of our seo outsourcing

Desired Result

SEO or search engine optimization can grow your agency offerings and your client base, Our SEO outsourcing campaigns are organised and planned such that the desired results are obtained as soon as possible. The campaign which starts with audit and analysis creates a plan in which each step is taking the website closer to high rank on google. Our seo experts pay special attention that every step is executed in the best way to ensure that the right results are derived at the end of SEO outsourcing campaigns.


Transparency is the key to built trust. That is why we focus on providing our clients with the best real-time metrics and SEO outsourcing service dashboard to communicate the progress of SEO outsourcing campaigns. We keep them updated about the project and give them the right to ask details about each step of the campaign and its importance.


Our white label SEO outsourcing services are dependable, and you can rely on us for outsourcing your SEO projects. Quality work is our priority, and we share the search engine optimization results with you in the right metrics. Our account and project managers evaluate the quality assurance to keep the high standards of our service.


We make sure that our metrics or seo outsourcing audits are right and apt for you to analyse the ROI of projects. Do keyword research, optimize your clients blog posts and landing pages, or analyze backlink profiles. We have metrics which make the SEO results quantifiable. Thus the measurement of progress becomes more comfortable. We provide you with a dedicated dashboard for each project to help you view the real-time metrics and success of the SEO outsourcing campaign.

Our SEO outsourcing solutions for marketing.

As Best white label SEO outsourcing service provider, we ensure that we provide the best solutions to the problems our clients face. We individually deal with each project, and our SEO consultants offer valuable suggestions to SEO Companies after performing SEO audits and analysis on their projects. A white label services marketing agency, like CoTech Agency , helps save you money Our SEO outsourcing, SEO reseller company provides the following reseller services to SEO Companies and SEO marketers to grow their business.The local seo agency that sold the SEO outsourcing service to the medical clinic, understood that SEO wasn’t their strong suit but it could be, by white-labeling. You can add citations on local seo business directories, websites, and social platforms, but again, for most seo firms, white-labeling this type of SEO work is a much more efficient use of time and budget. Get in touch we provide private label seo, SEO OUTSOURCING SERVICE & WHITE LABEL SEO RESELLER SERVICES & WHITE LABEL RESELLER PROGRAMS & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES & WHITE LABEL RESELLER PROGRAM IN YOUR BRAND NAME WITH UP TO best MARGINS! Full White label. we provide bespoke services to seo firms, website design companies and businesses of any size.

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Our Areas of expertise in terms of Digital marketing outsourcing

We carry out your digital marketing actions on a daily basis through different areas of expertise that are levers of digital marketing:

  1. Social Networks
  2. Website Development (Website Creation and Redesign, Web Writing, Content Management)
  3. Inbound Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Digital Campaign

These different areas allow us to deal with digital marketing as a whole in order to provide you with a complete outsourcing service. These different levers allow you to improve your attractiveness, your visibility, convert more contacts, and communicate on the WEB.

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How does outsourcing help your business?

By SEO outsourcing you are assured that you are working on your findability on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. SEO is an ongoing process, where you don't have to sit still.
Want to bet in the long term and permanently want better positions in Google and more conversion;
You want to use your marketing budget in a targeted way to compete with the competitor. Online marketing starts at Cotech Agency. We realize high positions in Google on relevant keywords for you. This way we initiate your target group in your sales funnel.
Evolve your operations with pre-packaged SEO outsourcing service that you can add to your agency's offerings and cover the work you need for customers. No need to hire in-house talent or worry about balancing operational capacity - SEO Reseller's white-label referencing programs, SEO outsourcing will provide you with the resources you need to get deliverables for all customers.
Private label referencing packages start at just US$250 and increase with your needs. SEO Reseller also offers website design, pay-per-click management, social media, reputation management and other services.

Why outsource SEO to Cotech Agency?

When you go for certainty when outsourcing your SEO, you choose Cotech Agency. We have years of experience helping customers with SEO results. As soon as you outsource SEO to us, you will see results within 3 months. More than 50 websites have already topped Google through Cotech Agency. Choose to outsource SEO to a professional SEO Company.
When you choose to seo outsourcing, you will clearly make a difference in your SEO results. We work transparently and every month you will receive an update from us. You will receive this from your personal campaign manager. In it, you discuss the progress and strategy for the coming months.
At Ranking Masters we offer different SEO packages. Is it especially important that you become easy to find locally? Then we can focus entirely on local seo keywords. We won this so that your website can be quickly found by people in the region you serve. Do you want your website or webshop to be easy to find nationwide? Even then, Cotech Agency is the perfect candidate for you. We have developed a proven approach. We put your website in competitive markets in the Top 3 of Google.

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what we can do for you as a Outsource SEO company

SEO: you can't get out of it if you really want to achieve results online with your organization. Because: the search engine, or Google, is the starting point of almost every customer journey. If you are looking for a service or a product yourself, you know how it goes: googling first. Even if you end up making the purchase offline.
At Cotech Agency you can outsource SEO efforts from a to z. You can purchase a complete SEO strategy from us, but you are also welcome if you are looking for depth on specific SEO services. Cotech Agency offers you:
Keyword analysis
Technical optimization;
Content optimization / SEO web texts;
SEO Scan;
Link building
Reports / monitoring.Needless to say, but our SEO work all takes place within Google's guidelines.

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Do you want to outsource SEO?

More and more companies are choosing to outsource SEO and for good reason. Have you decided that you want to outsource SEO to a professional company? Then that is definitely a good choice! With our help, your website will become visible on the web. In this way you can assume that, for example, your webshop will actually deliver what you have in mind. We have a safe and effective working method, so you can be sure of the best results. Cotech Agency has already received hundreds of websites in the Top 5 search results. By means of an effective SEO strategy, we will also make your online platform easy to find. Are you curious about what we can do for your website or do you have questions about SEO outsourcing Service? Please feel free to contact us. We answer your questions directly and think along with you on a level about the challenges you encounter around SEO outsourcing.

SEO takes time and energy

However, when you want to get to the top of Google and outsource SEO, that is not without a struggle.
It partly depends on the online competition within the niche in which you enter. Some of your competition is probably fanatically engaged in SEO.
If you don't deal with this yourself, then it is difficult to compete with companies that enjoy a significant lead in the search results.
In order to catch up with this backlog, it is often decided to outsource SEO.
In particular, the realization of relevant backlinks appears to be the biggest challenge when parties keep it internal.
SEO Outsourcing to a specialized marketing agency is often wiser than working with the website yourself.
At Cotech Agency we can help you increase the findability of your online platform.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is Appearing in 2006, local SEO has grown considerably in recent years, with Google seeking to provide its users with results based on their geographical location whenever it is relevant. It is now a powerful lever of visibility for all companies whose customers are located in a well-defined catchment area.
Overall, we all use local SEO to do different searches on the Internet. When we are looking for a restaurant, a florist, a baker, a butcher shop or a gym, for example, we want to discover the most relevant results, whether in terms of proximity or customer reviews.
Local SEO is part of search engine optimization and can significantly improve your visibility in search engines. By building a local SEO, you will appear on various queries related to your business in a well-targeted geographical area.

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Link Building

Link building is an SEO technique that you can best outsource to an experienced SEO agency such as Ranking Masters. Link building is the realization of link references on other websites. These link referrals endorse the authority or value of your online platform.
At Cotech Agency we know exactly what is involved in link building. SEO Outsourcing to our specialists is therefore always a good idea. We provide an effective link-building strategy and implement it for you. In addition, we also use other techniques. Either way, your website will be findable even faster. For example, we optimize the internal link structure of your website and we write optimized content. Whether you choose [SEO in Amritsar, SEO Company in Chandigarh or SEO in Punjab, at Cotech Agency you benefit from many different advantages.

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More visitors with SEO

As an SEO company with experienced and enthusiastic online specialists, we help to improve your findability. Visitors then become customers with our smart conversion techniques.
we offer a total solution to companies like SEO company to achieve maximum online returns.
There are several ways to get to the surface in the sea of websites that you find on the Internet. Even if you have a company of which there are hundreds of others in the country, it is possible with limited resources to get a top listing in Google. All you need is a good SEO company, our SEO company expert who helps you get this high ranking in Google. Website promoter is one such company. our SEO company experts in the field of SEO for companies for 5 years and have ensured over the years that more than 200 customers achieved a perfect score in the rankings. our SEO company developed a method for this and that our SEO company would also like to use for your company.
An SEO company provides search engine optimization services for a business that should improve visibility on a search network like Google. Organic search engine optimization is a complex process that is aimed at improving the position of a web resource in the results of organic search results to attract traffic for targeted queries.
At the same time, not all owners understand what exactly SEO company do and whether they are needed for successful development at all.

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Being higher in the search engines with our SEO services

SEO, all marketing agencies in the Netherlands seem to be talking about it. And we are very happy about that! In recent years, it has become increasingly important to be findable online as a company. Whether you are a gardener, a school, supermarket or dog grooming salon.
Purchasing SEO services has therefore also become the most normal thing in the world for entrepreneurs. For the largest companies, they often hire an online marketing team.
For entrepreneurs who do not have a large team that they work with, this is completely unthinkable. For them, it makes sense to invest in a good collaboration with someone who can provide SEO services.
Our Seo services efforts will lead to you eventually getting more free visitors to your website from the searches. And these extra visitors will lead to more requests or purchases.
You have several SEO services that you can use to achieve your objectives. To find out which service your company needs, please contact us!

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Being higher in the search engines with our SEO services

What you can and cannot do with SEO, becomes a little clearer every day.
Which SEO services an SEO professional offers, depends entirely on the wishes and experiences of the provider. For example, there are people who work within SEO who run an all-around marketing company where SEO is only a part.
There are also companies that bet 100% on SEO. It, therefore, depends on the company which services can be purchased. However, you can assume that when a company talks about SEO services, there is talk about increasing the position within Google.
Whether a company offers on-page or off-page SEO, they are all valuable parts of the seo services. Ideally, you will work with a company that offers all SEO services in-house. This way you can be sure that this seo company is in full control and knows exactly what is going on at what time.

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what is seo reseller?

An SEO reseller is nothing more than a digital agency that specializes in SEO and sells the service as a white label. These SEO resellers will work in the background and provide better results and you will be able to get credits for the job. In short, thanks to the SEO reseller model, you don't need to hire in-house to get the required expertise.
For example, SEO resellers will have good relationships with publishers, writers, and publishers and can easily get high-quality backlinks. Some resellers will go the extra mile and mark their dashboard blank so you can show your customers reports on campaign performance.

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Benifits of SEO Reseller?

The main advantage of the SEO reseller program is more money and less overhead. There are other advantages to using the SEO reseller model, here are some of the main ones.

Focus on your know-how
For example, if you are a website design and development company, sometimes you can be in the complicated field of SEO. When using the SEO reseller template, you can focus on your basic skills like HTML or CSS Building relationships
When you're less stressed about SEO, you can be more productive and leverage your skills to build better relationships with your customers and gain more satisfied customers. Get scalable results
An SEO reseller company will have a process and many connections with the right people in the online community. As a result, they can easily tailor the results according to your needs. Benefit from on-demand services
With the SEO reseller model, you can tailor your needs according to your requirements. This means you can earn more profit and reduce overhead.


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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO outsourcing involves third-party seo companies or specialists to perform your**search engine optimization seo tasks. These may include:

  • On-page optimization: keyword research, writing search-friendly meta descriptions and meta titles, UX audit, **internal link **audit, and SEO-friendly content creation
  • Off-page optimization: prospecting and link building, writing guest posts, improving your social media business, email delivery,content marketing, and competitor search
  • Technical SEO: a component of on-page optimization referring to improving a website's code (responsive design, image optimization, information caching, and HTML optimization)
  • Mobile SEO: optimizing your site for smartphones and tablets (to comply with Google's mobile updates)

You can outsource SEO services locally, to a neighboring country or even to another part of the world.

Search engine optimization seo outsourcing services are on the rise. Many seo companies tend to redirect their search engine optimization seo activities to local seo specialists or beyond the borders of the country to a professional seo outsourcing service team.
The main reasons to outsource SEO services are access to higher expertise, lower costs, and a wider talent pool.
Still, there are several other things you need to know about how to properly outsource SEO services.

If you're not sure if you can manage your SEO project on your own, it may be time to involve outsourcing services from a Cotech Agency SEO expert and get multiple benefits for your business.

SEO is for everyone, whether it is a small local family business such as a restaurant, a clothing store, or a small shop, or it is a multinational that operates in many countries around the world. After all, big companies used to be small and certainly would not have been able to reach the top of Google organically without some SEO strategy and the reason they remain on top is that they know that Digital Marketing actions pay off for them and they continue to invest in them. At Cotech Agency we have a large portfolio and have helped large multinationals stay on top so that their competitors do not overtake them in Google's organic results. We have also helped many small businesses to survive and find their way in the online age, to increase their profits, and to grow at a steady pace. This is one of our main goals, to help those who need our services, knowledge, and experience. And the biggest achievement for us is when these small businesses, with patience and perseverance, succeed and appear organically in Google results higher than other much larger companies, their real competitors.

It goes without saying, but an SEO agency always goes for a good result for you. Without results, you will not remain a customer of the SEO agency and you will no longer outsource SEO.
Outsourcing your SEO will therefore in almost all cases result in higher positions and therefore also "free" visitors to your website.

Several independent platforms offer a large pool of talent to outsource SEO services to an attractive financial proposition. But this option can have drawbacks, such as poor or slow communication or a lack of proof of talent. SEO outsourcing companies are reliable than others SEO providers. outsource seo firms have a dedicated team ** to reduce time and effort while bringing the highest level of expertise with proven experience and well-established collaboration procedures.

When you hire **SEO outsourcing service,**you effectively fill in the gaps in knowledge and expertise because you hire a team that fully understands all aspects of this task.
By working with a dedicated SEO team, you'll be able to accept more projects and expand your customer base. You can focus on developing your skills and working on strategic tasks rather than spending time learning which SEO practices will work best for your business.

At Cotech Agency we believe that every customer is unique and for this reason, we do not have ready standard offers. Each offer is prepared after discussion with each customer and after we fully understand the object of the company and its goals. Also before the offer, market research, Keyword Research, and Competitor Analysis are done as all these affect the strategy that we will follow and the budget. So each offer is tailored to the needs of each customer based on their goals and the market and financial ability. However, we always inform the client about the type of strategy we have followed and we always offer options for a more aggressive strategy (bigger budget so faster results) or a more conservative strategy (the lowest possible budget so slower results). The term budget is a financial term of marketing and many customers are unfamiliar with the term. After all, they do not have to know it as it is not their job. For this reason, in Cotech Agency we always give a price which concerns our fee for our services but also includes the budget for all marketing activities that take place every month. Usually, the budget percentage is 70-80%. The bigger the budget the more and more quality marketing actions will be done every month so we will have better results in a shorter period of time (aggressive strategy). While when the budget is small the marketing actions are less so it takes more time to see the desired results.