Increase the competitiveness of your website with link building. Because links remain an important part of Google's algorithm.

Boost your ranking through quality Link Building Services which is one of the important factors in the field of SEO


Link Building Services

Link Building Services


Qualitative links from external sites to your pages

Increase the competitiveness of your website with link building. Because links remain an important part of Google's algorithm.

Boost your ranking through quality Link Building Services which is one of the important factors in the field of SEO


What are Backlinks?

On the web we distinguish two types of links.

On the one hand there are the internal links. These connect two pages on the same domain, for example from your product page to the contact page.

We also have external links, also called backlinks. These connect two separate domains. For example, suppose that the Nieuwsblad writes an article about your company containing a link. Then that is a backlink to your site from an external site - which is positive in Google's eyes.

About 200 million people worldwide use ad-blocking software, causing traditional display ads to lose their effect.

Example of an external link. As you can see at the bottom left, the text 'March 2018' links to an external article on


Why are links important to Google?

Did you know that there were dozens of other search engines for Google, such as Altavista, AskJeeves and Yahoo?

Today, Google is the biggest player simply because the quality of the search results is much better than that of competitors. Why? Because the algorithm takes links into account.

Google sees links to a page as a vote for that site. The more backlinks you receive, the better your position in the search results.


Link Building Services



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Guest Post Link Placements with Contextual Anchors



Not all links are created equal

It is important to know that not every link is worth the same. Some have a greater effect on your site's authority than others. Here are some factors to consider:



Ideally, the topic of the linking page matches that of the target page. For example a link from a home blog to an interior design store.

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Some links are given a piece of code (rel = "nofollow") which makes them less powerful. But that does not mean that these backlinks are worthless. Because they can still generate customers.

Anchor text

The anchor text is the word used to create a hyperlink. For link building it is useful if the anchor text is descriptive of the underlying page.


Finally, there is authority. A referral on a website that itself receives many links provides a bigger boost than a link from a brand new domain.


Manual link building

Sometimes a website receives backlinks naturally - without your intervention. But that usually goes quite slowly. Therefore, give your SEO efforts a boost with link building.

uses different link building techniques:

  • Convert unlinked brand mentions into a backlink
  • Publish guest articles on relevant websites
  • Register your company on online business directories
  • Check supplier POS pages
  • Have broken links corrected
  • Create and send press releases
  • Set up collaborations with bloggers
  • Analyze the link profile of competitors

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    Build backlinks with high ranking relevance

    Step 1: Write brilliant content

    The saying “Content is King”, which is read over and over again, is also used here. If you want others to link to your site, high-quality and best of all unique content is the be-all and end-all. Without outstanding content, any blog optimization is pointless, including search engine optimization by building backlinks.

    Step 2: Find related blogs

    In order to be able to carry out the following steps, you first need a list of blogs that deal with topics similar to your own blog. The following tools will help you create such a list. Google search: Your topic + blog Check colleagues’ links with in the “Similar Sites” section

    Step 3: write guest articles

    Contact other bloggers from your previously created list and ask them if you can post a guest post on their blog – in exchange for one or more backlinks. If you started or even completed the guest article before contacting us, pay attention to the guest article guidelines and the writing style of the other blogger.

    Step 4: Find guest authors for your own blog

    In this case, it’s best to create a separate landing page to target potential guest authors. Here you can also set your own rules for the guest articles. As soon as the guest article has been published on your blog, the guest author will certainly be happy to publicize the post via his blog and his social channels and you can look forward to numerous backlinks.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

    Building links is a manual process that takes some time. Count on 6 to 12 months before you see the effect in your search traffic.

    Yes, a good link profile remains a prerequisite for ranking high in Google. Of course, you should not underestimate the importance of quality content and a technically optimized site.

    Google penalizes websites that have a large number of suspicious links. As a result, they are less or no longer visible in the search results. That is precisely why the quality of the backlinks is so important.

    Yes, you can outsource your link building to Cotechagency. I ensure that the pages of your customers receive quality backlinks. This way you can focus on other tasks. Also take a look at my white-label SEO services.