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Cotech Agency is an India's #1 Best SEO company in punjab with years of online experience. As an SEO company, we take care of the SEO of different companies on a daily basis. Our SEO services in punjab ensures that our customers' websites become and remain high in Google, by continuously adjusting the website or SEO pages for a constant findability in Google. We are aware of the changes in search engines and apply this during our optimization.

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SEO Services in Punjab

Improve Search Results With Proven SEO Strategies: Looking for an SEO Services in Punjab? Cotech Agency is your solid partner when it comes to SEO. A good findability within the search engine is something that only the best optimized websites are eligible for. We have experience since 2002 and can help you with that. With a team that sees all the changes on the internet as challenges. Motivated and certified people, who pull out all the stops to improve your site. We have the class to take you to a higher ranking at Google and Bing. The Cotech Agency team is therefore your partner for search engine optimization in Punjab and the surrounding area.
Cotech Agency is a company, with experts in Search Engine Marlketing, we have everything you need to provide you with a successful online presence. More traffic to your website, attracting new customers, improving ranking in search engines... Our SEO services help you grow your business.

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Our SEO company in Punjab is aware of everything that goes on and sails within Google, we write unique content and apply all SEO techniques for a top postie in search engines. Landing pages are created by our SEO company in such a way that search engines can read and position them high. That is why we as an Best SEO company in Punjab, dare to say that we will bring you new customers via the internet. As an SEO company, we ensure that the leads are also qualitative and that you get visitors on your website who are looking for your services. Every month or quarterly, our SEO company will provide you with a clear visitor report of the results achieved.

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Web Devlopment

Need a website builder? I will build a modern, user-friendly website for you that is optimized for search engines.

SEO Services

You have a beautiful website, but it cannot be found in Google. That is a well-known story and very unfortunate.


SMM is an important and integral part of online marketing, as well as a great way to communicate with potential customers

Why is SEO essential?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or more commonly natural referencing, is the art of optimizing websites to progress in search engines and improve their organic traffic. In France, the Internet search leader is Google with more than 94% of the market . The search engine sorts the results in order of relevance and classifies the websites in its index according to several selection criteria (more than 200 factors are taken into account). These factors are divided into two main areas: Onsite factors (internal and specific to the website) and Offsite factors (external but indirectly benefiting the site). 9 out of 10 internet userswill not go beyond the first page of results. The first places are contested and the competition is fierce, particularly for the referencing of e-commerce sites. Calling on an SEO agency to optimize your SEO is today vital to be visible on the internet.

Why choose Cotech Agency?

We have years of experience in the industry, with a lot of satisfied customers. Many companies have their online marketing handled by Cotech Agency, by applying a mix of website and search engine optimization our SEO company guarantees a high ranking in Google. As an SEO company, we work with real SEO specialists who place your website boveaan in search ampchine on all belnagijk keywords related to your prodcutes or services. SEO company ensures more relevant visitors to your website, and this means more customers and turnover. Seo company was founded with the intention of helping companies improve their Google presence. We have the knowledge and tools to increase the organic ranking of your site.

Our collaboration in 5 steps

To ensure that your digital strategy is successful, we use a 5-step process that has been proven to meet your needs and produce an achievable and tangible result.

Definition of your needs and objectives

Like real sleuths, we start every project with a thorough analysis of your business, website, competition, and industry to understand what is preventing your site from meeting its visibility and traffic goals.
This study leads to the production of a complete roadmap and the definition of performance indicators to be monitored.

Implementation of actions

The previous recommendations are treated in order of priority by our teams or yours according to your expectations and the internal resources at your disposal:

technical fixes
content writing
optimization of the existing
site redesign

Monitoring and optimizations

Data is essential to make the best possible decisions for your campaigns. For this, we make it a point of honor to carefully monitor the defined metrics and to continuously optimize your
Our goal: to allow you to reach the stratosphere of Google positioning.

Monthly reporting

Each month, we review your results and discuss growth opportunities and adjustments to make to your SEO campaigns. We make it easy for you by producing meaningful data that's easy to understand.
A written report is therefore sent to you each month and we debrief these results during an interview.

Strategy adjustment

The more data we collect, the more we can highlight which tactics are working the least.
Thus, each quarter we carry out a review to determine if the strategies need to be adjusted and what new opportunities to seize.

3 SEO criteria to focus on in 2021

1. Content still king

Still the content? Yes in 2021, this is still an important factor in SEO. But not just any content, it must be of quality, unique and relevant to the theme of your site. The other aspect to consider is the length of the content. The more you detail your subject with text, the better you will be ranked by Google, provided of course that it is qualitative. There is no need to write in order to write… Also exploit multimedia with visuals like infographics, videos which are very popular on the Web.

2. The importance of mobile

Google continues to put mobile device users first in its strategy. This makes sense given that more and more Internet users are using mobile devices for research. In 2015, the number of mobile users exceeded that of desktop Internet users.
How to adapt to mobility for SEO ? Responsive design is Google's preferred response to make sites compatible on all screens. But you can go further by adopting the AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages format. This new standard launched by Google and Twitter among others, aims to present mobile pages that are displayed instantly.
Mobile first is a trend of thinking a website first for mobile devices. From an SEO point of view, mobile first was put forward by Google in 2016, specifying that it will first take into account SEO criteria from mobile devices.
In any case, it is not a trend but a reality that is part of the long term. Think now about creating and optimizing for mobile. This can go through the responsive design but not only. You have to think about the design of your site for mobile.
The loading time is one of the parameters to take into account, because a site that is slow to load gives a negative signal in SEO.

3. Focus on user experience (UX)

If there is one thing that we have integrated as an SEO agency, it is that Google puts more and more the user in front in its criteria of positioning. This results in taking into account the bounce rate: rate of people who visit only one page and leave the site, but also other indicators such as the time spent visiting the pages, etc.
You must therefore put the user at the center of your SEO strategy, and precisely monitor the behavior of visitors who arrive on your website in order to get the most out of your investments on Google Analytics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

Choosing a new provider is a delicate step. To select the SEO agency that will optimize the visibility of your website, there are a few points to check: its positioning on Google, its notoriety in the world of SEO, its references, the quality of its SEO audit, etc. Find in detail our tips for choosing your SEO agency .

If you have never used an SEO to optimize your site, it has many "imperfections" that affect its visibility in search engines. It is not "SEO friendly". An SEO service will improve the quality of your site and comply with official Google guidelines. For this, in-depth work is carried out on the technical part, on the content (web writing, internal networking) and on the netlinking of your site. See how an SEO service improves the visibility of a site .

Also called digital agencies or digital communication agencies, digital marketing agencies offer more or less varied webmarketing services: website, infographics, referencing, content, etc. The fields of intervention are so vast that most players specialize and are therefore called: web agency, seo agency, sea agency, inbound agency ...
At Keacrea, we have chosen to focus above all on optimizing the online visibility of our clients through SEO and / or SEA and optimizing their sites for conversion.

Ideally, yes. Moreover, SEA can greatly help boost your natural referencing as you can find out in our dedicated article . SEO and Google Ads advertising are complementary techniques for maximizing the visibility of a site on Google, especially when there is a need for immediate presence.

Yes, Cotech Agency can offer you to take charge of the production of your articles, white papers, lead nurturing or prospecting emails like most of your content marketing actions. On large volumes and according to needs, it may be interesting (budget / efficiency) to rely on specialized writers, freelancers, experts within your company or translators. We can also take care of project management and collaborate with your team to set up the best campaigns. As we often say, content is KING!

If we use the acronym SEO, we get Search Engine Optimization: search engine optimization.
When we know that 70% of clicks take place on natural results, SEO is an essential factor to work in order to ensure the good visibility of its site on the internet. For this, it is necessary to use the 3 pillars of SEO namely technical optimization, semantics and popularity. Results: more traffic, more notoriety, more sales.
In addition, natural referencing remains the most profitable traffic acquisition lever in the medium term.