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Did you know that 89% of people search Google first before making a purchase? And that about 95% of them click on a link on that first page? Then it is useful that your website is among them. Our SEO specialists have 5 years of experience and are ready for you. Together we work on an optimal SEO strategy based on 3 parts 1) your content 2) the technique of your site and your authority on the internet. As an internet marketing agency , we are happy to help you with an integrated approach to other online services.


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An SEO company is nothing more than an external organization that is responsible for managing the digital part of your website. Carrying out tasks such as managing the blog, updating content, press communications and writing the content of the website as well as sometimes executing changes at the level of the website. In order to reach and retain new customers on the Internet, visibility & rankings of your website are the decisive factors, especially in a capital city. Especially since your competition certainly does not sleep at this point. Therefore, the high ranking of your website in the search engines and the professional structuring and optimization of your content has long since become a significant and important competitive factor. And we, as an SEO agency from Mumbai, would like to help you. We work with all kinds of websites, from businesses that offer services to online stores that sell thousands of products. We are an SEO company in mumbai with more than 5 years of experience. We cover different services in the field of digital marketing, such as SEO, SEM, SEO technical audits, migrations, reputation, web design and social networks, among many others. seo company in mumbai help you make the most of web positioning to increase your sales. We approach online marketing as a tool to position your company in a stable way. We know what it costs to build a business, and we're aware that you won't want to leave it in anyone's hands, so we're going to tell you a few more things about us and our understanding of SEO. We are your Seo company inmumbai with a 360º strategy to help you sell more online. We take care of your content strategy, on-page SEO to improve your web positioning, the management of your Adwords campaigns, web design if you want to create or improve your website, better position your ecommerce, social networks, your online reputation ... And everything it takes for your company to consolidate in the first positions of the search engine and consolidate in the first positions.

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We take care of everything: analysis, diagnosis, proposal and implementation. We do not conceive of SEO without being the ones who carry out everything we recommend and analyze. If you already have an IT or development team, great. But if what you are looking for is a team that can take care of 100% of your project, we are your SEO agency.

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Why SEO Can Be Crucial for Your Business

The importance of the Internet as a means of obtaining information is higher than ever before. A survey conducted by the marketing and research department in the California university in June 2017 showed that more than 92 percent of respondents spent their time on the computer doing research via a search engine. Only 46 percent watched movies or videos, for example. This makes it all the more important to make your own website as well-known and interesting as possible for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. Studies have also shown that especially the first three results of a search history via Google attract the attention of users. The so-called "eye tracking" of Internet visitors illustrates the high importance of the position of the websites in the ranking of the search engine directory. The higher a website is listed or the faster it is displayed after a search query, the more likely it is to be clicked on by users. The goal must therefore always be to establish your own website in one of the first three positions. This is only possible through professional SEO without violating the Google Guide Lines.

How long does it take to achieve success?

With digital marketing, it can feel like positive result comes much faster than with offline marketing. That's because it's easier to measure your ROI. However, your real success ultimately depends on the scale you choose and the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.
Take enough time to create extensive buyer personas and identify the needs of your target audience. Then focus on creating high-quality online content to target and convert your target audience. Then you will probably be able to see good results in the first six months.
When paid advertising is part of your digital strategy, the results show up even faster. However, we recommend that you focus on building organic (or 'free') traffic by using SEO and social media to achieve long-term, sustainable success.

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Why choose Cotech Agency?

We like a personal and committed approach. We are not sitting opposite you but next to you.
Customers appreciate this approach with good figures;

A 9.7 on The Feedback Company and
A 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Google Reviews

And read the reviews on the Feedback company or on Google My Company yourself.
Many customers have also been with us for 5-8 years, that says something. We do not want to become the largest SEO company, but we do want to be the best.

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