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Ashok Kumar - 11-Feb-2022
Implement an operational strategy in the company

The operational strategy allows the application of the strategic plan of the company by supervising its current operations and the manageme…

Ashok Kumar - 15-Feb-2022
Portfolio of activities of a company: definition, analy…

A company's business portfolio groups together its various areas of activity. By analyzing it, the company diversifies in a timely manner.

Ajay Kumar - 15-Feb-2022
7 marketing trends for 2022 | Cotech Agency

Inclusion, AI, Big Data, end of cookies: discovery of the major marketing trends that are already emerging for the year 2022. for more info…

Ashok Kumar - 15-Feb-2022
How to perform a competitive analysis?

An essential element of market research, competitive analysis helps position the company vis-à-vis its competitors. It has 4 steps.

Ashok Kumar - 16-Feb-2022
Difference between PL SQL and SQL | Cotech Agency

The basic difference between SQL and PL/SQL is that only one query is executed at a time in SQL whereas in PL/SQL an entire block of code i…