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SEO Services Delhi NCR Agency – Are you looking for help from an experienced SEO services consultant in the field of internet marketing, web marketing and search engine optimization? Cotech Agency is skilled in improving the online findability of company websites in Google's organic results. As an digital marketing agency and SEO company in delhi ncr, we are active in the Alkmaar region with extensive experience of more than 10 years in the field of digital marketing. Do you have trouble increasing your online findability in search engines? Leave that job to us or ask an SEO specialist for advice. Call Cotech Agency Delhi ncr Branch and start your search engine optimization & marketing campaign, seo campaign today to get high in Google.

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Digital marketing, SEO services and search engine optimization make your website easy to find. However, not all companies still use an internet marketing agency in Delhi ncr. This means that not every SME is yet clearly visible online. If you use digital marketing and SEO services in delhi ncr, which an online marketing agency can offer you, you can be one step ahead of your competition and increase the conversion of your business. Today, about 96% of all web visitors use Google, so being found well online is very important. Therefore, use the skills of our SEO specialists in Delhi ncr ( search engine optimization specialists ) to be placed high at the top of Google. In addition to Delhi India (near Faridabad, Ghaziabad), we also serve customers in a municipality such as Haryana. Gurugram, Noida and many places.
Our Digital Marketing agency works according to a fixed working method. In this way, we can be sure that the predetermined objectives will be achieved. In just five clear steps, we'll make your online marketing campaign or seo campaign a success!


  • The Search Engine Optimization campaign is a long-term job. It aims not only to be among the top of the list of the first page of searches like Google, Yahoo, etc. But above all to keep this notoriety. What strategy should be adopted to have this place?
  • For your Search Engine Optimization campaign: analyze, the most important phase

  • To begin with, you have to know where you are. Be in the Web market, know its position,its competition and what it shares, its strengths and weaknesses and know how to determine its objectives to achieve. Search engine optimization campaign, you also need to work on the content. In order to be well indexed and positioned, the website must have quality content,

  • If done right, no other digital marketing strategy outperforms seo optimization. We claim this because if you're employed with a reputable best seo optimization company in Delhi ncr like cotech agency, the conversion rate will range between 14% and 28%. If you favor our services like Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management Packages, Content Marketing Services, Youtube Video Promotion, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, we'll assist you outperform your rivals by landing on the primary page of Google. If you don’t want to harm your company, lose your current page rankings, or have technical problems, it’s critical to avoid bad SEO strategies and plans offered by cheap seo agencies.
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    How many new customers do you want? Your objectives are a common thread throughout the entire process!

    The specialists of SEO agency in delhi ncr, first of all ensure that your website is found organically well in Google search results. Visitors end up on your website on an optimally designed 'landing page'. All this based on the keywords entered by your leads in Google.The texts on the page are customized to the keywords entered by the customer. They call on the visitor with convincing calls-to-actions to continue clicking or to leave data on a form on the page.This way you get new customers, orders and orders. That's the advantage of working with an experienced search engine marketing agency and best SEO company in delhi ncr like Web Style!

    What is search engine optimization and its types.

    You've probably already heard about this term and know that it's optimizing the site for uplift in search engine. It is thanks to the complex work of SEO specialists, the service rises to the top, catches up and overtakes competitors. Unfortunately, for non-professionals, the concept of SEO services is too blurry, or rather it is too blurred. And it is good if you get for your money at least a part of the promotion services. Our web studio provides a detailed account of the work done. SEO services promotion consists of internal and external methods.
    High-quality seo services promotion can be divided into several types: internal and external. Internal seo optimization implies:
  • Opening pages for indexing.
  • Filling with unique, optimized content for search engines.
  • Formation of meta-tags.
  • Use a flip-bye to distribute the inner mass of links.
  • A micro-blur.It is very important at the development stage to create the most understandable and simple navigation, so that people will be easier to use your platform. Auditing sites will identify existing problems and solve them in a short time. Attractive design is another component of a successful website. This will increase behavioral factors and usability.
    Internal methods include work on the site:
  • Adding a sitemap map
  • Opening pages for indexing
  • Filling in unique, SEO optimized content
  • Writing meta tags, filling meta-tagged pages
  • Internal redistribution of reference mass by relinking
  • Micro-markingAlready at the development stage, we focus on clear and simple navigation, attractive design. This increases usability and improves behavioral factors. But this is what has become an important factor for successful promotion in 2019.
    Structure of optimized content
  • Imagine that an article with 3,000-5000 characters was added to the site page. How, then, should the search engine index the information you need and distribute it? This requires structure. Each article or other publication should have a clear and understandable structure with the subtitles h1-h6, where h1 is the main title, and h2-h6 - subtitles of different levels. They stand out separately in page markings, so search engines define them first.
  • High-quality content structure means logicalness, brevity, content and keymen. The last factor here is the most important. Titles, subtitles, and other items should contain keywords and phrases.
  • External optimization methods consist of increasing the reference mass at the expense of other authoritative resources, such as thematic blogs, forums. We manually register the site in white directories and place articles on information portals. We leave comments with links in guest blogs, buy high-quality links on exchanges and do it without fanaticism, so that the site does not fall under the ban. We maintain the perfect balance, which will help confidently promote the site in the top Google. This is only part of the work that our specialists do.

    Reasons to outsource your search engine optimization :

    More and more companies are opting for the outsourcing of search engine optimization. Of course, you may have been hesitant to outsource your SEO services to an agency for a while. We give a number of reasons below why you shouldn't hesitate.

    1. Insufficient knowledge
  • We already mentioned it in the introduction, but knowledge is probably the main reason why companies outsource its search engine optimization to an agency. If you don't have enough knowledge of search engine optimization, you will probably never get high. There are so many factors that you have to take into account that you just have to know about them. When you decide to choose an SEO agency in delhi ncr or seo company, you can be sure that this knowledge is present.

  • 2. Gaining knowledge yourself
  • If you do not have sufficient knowledge of search engine optimization, it is nice to learn this. When outsourcing SEO services, you can be sure that you will get the help of a specialist for your company in delhi ncr. This SEO specialist will take you through the entire search engine optimization. In addition to results, he will also show what he has done about this. As a result, you will also gain knowledge of the various matters related to search engine optimization.

  • 3. Not enough time
  • Of course, you may have some knowledge of search engine optimization yourself, but not the time to perform it. search engine optimization needs time to get it to a good result. When you don't have this time yourself, there's no point in doing half the work, this would be a waste of time. In this case, it is good to enable an SEO Company delhi India. The search engine optimization does not stop when you are in the top three. When this position is achieved, you must continue to innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition.

  • 4. The right content
  • Writing content and content marketing is a profession in its own right and therefore not for everyone. Content is one of the most important factors for search engine optimization and should therefore not be neglected. When writing content for your search engine optimization, many factors have to be considered. These are factors such as the length, spelling, use of images and the correct keywords. Many companies use an SEO agency here to make sure that this content is optimally written.

  • 5. More results
  • A search engine optimization agency can also be used by companies that have already generated a top 3 position. An SEO agency often sees room for improvements at these companies as well. For example, when writing the right CTAs, more sales are realized. Maybe the number of sales was enough for you. However, outsourcing can lead to an increase in conversions.
  • What should your company pay attention to when choosing an SEO agency or company in delhi ncr?

    It is often difficult to make the choice between the different agencies that offer search engine optimization to your company in delhi ncr. To make choosing a little easier, we give you 5 tips to look at when choosing your SEO agency.

    1. Will they keep you informed? As already indicated, the search engine optimization is often outsourced to an agency when there is not enough knowledge itself. Of course, you want to create this knowledge as a company in delhi ncr over time. So you want the SEO agency to notify you of search engine optimization that they apply. You want to be included in the entire process and learn something from this.

    2. Take a look at the website When you turn on a good agency, you expect them to have the search engine optimization in order themselves. This means that they have the website in good order and that everything looks good and reliable. In addition, you can see if they themselves are in a high position in Google's organic results. If they have a high position for themselves, chances are that they can create this for you as well.

    3. Customer cases If you take a look at the website, it is also good to see if there are customer cases on this website. When a website doesn't have customers on the website, it may put it off because you don't know if they do have customers. When you see that an SEO agency does the search engine optimization for different companies, it is often reliable.

    4. Talk about your expectations As a company, you have expectations about what the agency can do for your SEO Services. There may also be targets attached to this that you want to speak out against the agency. If the agency doesn't talk to you about your expectations, this would be very strange. Because you end up doing it together. After all, you know your customers and your market best.

    5. Ask about the working method Every SEO agency has the same working method for most companies. This is important for you to know for reliability. In addition, it is good if a company is transparent and does not be secretive about the working method. After all, you don't want the agency to carry out all sorts of illegal practices that Google will punish you for later.

    Engage best SEO company that delivers more revenue and customers

    Full Service Flex Lease is the solution for a structural and qualitative lead flow. As best SEO company in delhi ncr or best seo services company in delhi India, we ensure that the results are sustainable.Our goal is to get you continuously in the top results in Google, giving you more leads. As an SEO agency ( seo services company ), we are constantly working on improving your findability and adjusting to conversions.You always have specialist knowledge, experience and talent at your disposal.Our proactive approach ensures that you can fully focus on what you are good at and in serving the structural flow of new customers!Would you like to know more about the unique concept of our SEO services company? We are happy to help and advise you!

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    SEO Company with over 5 years of experience

  • We have developed more than 2,000 websites. With proven search engine optimization & email marketing techniques, we have acquired over 6,800 Google positions for our customers.
  • Is your website already found well enough in Google search results?
  • As digital marketing company in delhi india with experienced and enthusiastic online specialists, we help improve your findability. Visitors then become customers with our smart conversion techniques.
  • With the Full Service Flex Lease concept, we offer a total solution to companies as an SEO agency (seo services company) to achieve maximum online returns.

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    CoTech Agency

    What do we do for you as a Full service online marketing ( digital marketing ) & SEO company?

    As Best SEO company in delhi ncr,we work with different strategies as compared to other seo seo companies, we are continuously aware of the changes in the market:We apply the latest search engine optimization techniques and updates to your website.As SEO company in delhi ncr, we work according to Google's guidelines and closely follow the latest algorithm updates.In an effective strategy, SEO services are part of a complete online marketing mix.Your wishes and objectives are always central to this.With the Full Service Flex Lease concept we offer a smart 360° approach to: online visibility, website management and website traffic.The online experts of our SEO services in delhi ncr think and cooperate with you on a structural basis. All this for a fixed affordable amount per month! Read about our concept here

    Our SEO strategy

    Website indexing:

    Indexing websites is a crucial step in ensuring that web search engines are aware of the presence of a website. ROI Marketing ensures that your website is properly indexed to all available search engines.

    Search keywords:

    Strategic use of the right keywords is crucial if you're optimizing something people are looking for. Top digital marketing helps improve the efficiency of your market by searching for the right keywords you want to rank for. We help assess search volumes, indexed pages, direct competition and a variety of other important factors.

    Creating strategic links:

    Quality backlinks are crucial for a sustainable improvement in search engine rankings. We understand the value of quality backlinks and deliver it directly to the door of your website. We have a network of publishers and directories on which we will list your site. This is a crucial and inescapable step in a website's SEO strategy.

    Google Analytics:

    We will properly install and set up a Google Analytics account for your website to help you monitor key indicators and track the growth of your website. This includes setting up spam referral filters, host name filters, event tracking, goal conversions and more.

    Technical audits:

    We help you review the technical assets of your website. Is your website loading slow? Do you notice a lot of 404 errors on your website? Does your website contain broken images? We can solve these problems and ensure that your site is error-free.

    Content strategy:

    Do you have trouble writing high-quality, referencing content? We will write original content such as page content, articles and blog posts for your website. We start by looking for your target audience and understanding their search intentions. By doing this, we are able to develop unique and optimized content is an important ranking factor.

    On-page referencing:

    We will evaluate and optimize on-site referencing items such as title tags, meta-descriptions, header tags, image alt tags, page redirects, schematic tags, and much more.

    Competitive analysis:

    Using advanced software tools, we can help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. By understanding where your competitors are lacking and where they excel, we can help you see which strategies are effective and can easily produce explanatory videos for marketing strategies.
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    What do you get as a result?

    1. 1
      Audience growth

      Confidence in search results is several times higher than any ad - you get the maximum audience loyal to you

    2. 2
      Sales growth

      Promoting the site is not only about increasing the audience, it's also about improving conversion and usability.

    3. 3
      Sales stability

      Turnkey promotion gives constant traffic even after the work is completed, as SEO results cannot be turned off as advertisements

    4. 3
      Recognition of your brand

      Your website in top raises confidence, as well as increases the popularity and positive image of your brand

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    Tips for optimizing content

  • Text content should be logical and structured, and 100% unique;
  • Don't use long text posts if you don't want to (usually the answer to any question can be fit into an article of up to 3,000 characters - usually users read the maximum amount of text on the page);
  • Write without "water" and unnecessary speculation;
  • Do not write with sleep, grammatical errors, great nausea of text.All of these conditions are usually part of the basis of any technical task for the copywriter. But here the question arises - and who writes the content for you? And does an experienced SEO specialist who works on the semantic core, determine the volume and plan of all the content?
  • F.A.Q

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO Services in delhi ncr. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

    Free website builders, such as Wix, are nice to quickly design a simple website. However, the capabilities of these tools are limited. Advanced functions and formats are not possible. Moreover, they take a lot of time. By outsourcing the construction of a site, you can fully focus on your daily business. You get the advice about web design best practices for free. And as the icing on the cake, I made sure everything was optimized for search engines, thanks to my SEO experience.

    No, the hosting and domain names are always managed by external companies, such as Combell, Versio, One or OVH. As the saying goes, "shoemaker stick to your reading". Professional hosting providers can offer a much better service. That is why I always let customers sign a contract directly. I can act as an intermediary.

    Hell yes. Building a multilingual website is certainly possible. In this case, you will be asked to provide translations. If you don't have any translated texts yet, I can refer you to good translation agencies.

    Yes that is possible. I build webshops based on Woocommerce, an extension of WordPress. This includes all the ecommerce features you need: adding products, creating shipping classes, adding promotions, creating coupons, receiving payments, etc.

    That depends from project to project. Some websites are launched in less than 2 months, for other sites it takes longer than six months. Size and complexity naturally play a role, as does the customer's 'responsiveness' (how quickly you provide feedback).

    The composition of the scope is the first step. What structure is needed? Which functions? In what style? This document is the basis for the rest of the story. Then a test domain is set up. A first style example of the new site is being built here. By presenting everything online, you get a better picture of the end result. This style example will be adjusted based on feedback. Afterwards, the other pages of the scope are built up in the same line. A little more testing, and the new website is ready for launch.

    A maintenance service consists of the creation of a backup, the update of WordPress and an update of all plugins. This is done monthly, quarterly or every six months. You choose how often you have this update performed.