More efficient
crawling and
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Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. With a technical optimization you can be sure that Google reads and indexes all content.


What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is one of the three spearheads of search engine optimization. It is a collection of techniques to aid Google's crawling and indexing process. A technical optimization is usually not visible to visitors. Because the adjustments are made at the back-end of the website. Errors in the code (HTML, CSS, JS…) are fixed for more efficient crawling and indexing of the content.


When is technical SEO useful?

The technical optimization of a website or webshop is useful at various times:

Existing sites

Do you already have a website that does not perform very well in the search results? Then there may be some technical problems. Because a small mistake can have major consequences.

New sites

A technical audit is highly recommended during a redesign or the launch of a new site. In this way you can be sure that everything has been set up correctly.


What does a technical SEO analysis consist of?

In a technical analysis we look at various components. Below are some examples.
Note: This checklist is purely to give you an idea of ​​technical SEO factors. This list is not complete. So there are other things to take into account.


Search engines 'read' a page, just like people. This is how they map the content. But this does not always go smoothly. Sometimes the content is visible to visitors, but unreadable to search engines.

Loading speed

During a technical SEO optimization we also look at the loading speed. Nobody likes to wait. Neither do search engines. That's why it's a good idea to create all pages as soon as possible.

Mobile usability

Google takes the mobile usability of a website into account. Common issues include fonts not scaling, slow loading speeds, clickable elements too close together, horizontal scroll, etc.

URL structure

URL structure also plays a role in technical SEO. Think for example of parameters, subfolders, subdomains, protocols, redirects, etc.

Duplicate content

Google sees each URL as a unique entity. But often the content is the same.This confuses search engines as they are not sure which URL to appear in the search results.

Structured data

Structured data is an extra layer of information in the site's code that explains the type of information. With this you can, for example, provide more information about a product, a concert and hundreds of other things.

Multilingual content

Does your website consist of multiple languages? With technical SEO optimization you ensure that Google always shows the right content to the right person.

Response codes

Response codes tell more about the action that a server performed. These codes are important for the technical optimization of a site. Because one number difference - such as a 302 redirect instead of a 301 - can have major consequences.

XML sitemap

Anyone who draws up a technical SEO checklist should certainly not forget the XML sitemap. This file summarizes all the pages contained in a website. This way Google gets a nice overview, so that important URLs are certainly not skipped.


This is how I can help you.

Every company is unique. That is why every website requires a different approach. SEO is therefore always tailor-made. There are various options in the field of search engine optimization, ranging from a one-off analysis to a complete outsourcing of all activities. There is a suitable solution for every type of company or association.


Option 1: technical analysis

During a technical SEO analysis, I check all factors that affect their crawl and indexing process. Afterwards you will receive a report with step-by-step instructions to optimize the website technically.

  • Ideal if you have a web team yourself
  • Professional advice from an SEO expert
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Option 2: training

    Did you know that Cotechagency organizes training courses? Introduce your web designers and developers to technical SEO during a half or full day workshop at your office.

  • Learn the tricks of the trade
  • At your office
  • Half or full day
  • Option 3: consulting

    While building a website you may have some technical questions. For example about the use of canonical tags, product filters, hreflang tags, etc. Also for these questions you can rely on my advice.

  • Expert advice
  • On an hourly basis
  • Ideal for web developers
  • F.A.Q

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

    Everyone benefits from a technical SEO analysis. Especially large web shops. Because they usually exist thousands of URLs with a very complex layout. Small technical improvements to the site then have a major effect on the ROI. But even smaller websites benefit from technical SEO optimization. You would be shocked how many companies do n't even have the basics in order. This damages their position in the search results, and thus they miss out on customers.

    The price depends on the type of website (simple site vs international webshop). Feel free to ask for a quote for a customized price.

    Yes, the importance of technical SEO cannot be underestimated. Because small mistakes often have a major effect on your findability in the search results.