Do you have a website, but it does not deliver the intended result? Then it is high time for website optimization. We are happy to help you improve your website, so that you can generate more leads and sales.

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Website optimization by B&S Media ensures higher returns and (measurable) results. Our internet marketing specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of website optimization.

In addition, our team knows what it takes to get your website up high in Google . With an optimized website or webshop you get more return from your website visitors. This way you not only ensure that customers find you, but also actually take action. Request a free quick scan today !

The benefits for you

  • Measurable result
  • Better findability in the search engines
  • Structural improvements to the website
  • More visitors to the website
  • More sales and leads
  • What is website optimization?

    Website optimization is a structural process in which your website or webshop is optimized to become more attractive to visitors and search engines. This usually results in more conversions. Every website has the potential to generate more leads and more sales!

    How can you optimize a website?

    In order to give your visitors the best experience and generate more sales for your company, it is important that your website performs optimally. Optimizing websites is a specialized field, which consists of usability optimization, search engine optimization and conversion optimization. This makes your website more user-friendly, easier to find and increases the chance of click-throughs and conversions.


    How Does Site Optimization Work?

    Crawl deep

    Our powerful crawler has no problems with crawling large websites (more than 250,000 URLs). Customize your crawl to cover the most important pages or let it crawl freely like a search engine.

    website content

    Seo Services Park crawling tool can provide more than 100 data points for each URL of your website, filter, dig deeper, and use the content of your website with sufficient standards.

    Keep track of various issues

    Have the problems that have arisen have been well resolved? Or is it getting worse? Seo Services Park keeps track of the progress of various optimization issues on the site for you and proves the value of your work.


    Usability optimization

    First of all, it is important that the usability - or user-friendliness - of your website is optimized. By optimizing your website for structure, speed, navigation, convenience, responsiveness and design, you can offer visitors an optimal user experience. This prevents visitors from leaving your website prematurely. By improving the usability of your website, you also directly increase its online findability.

    Prevent potential customers from dropping out

    An example of 'usability optimization'. You search for the term 'buy flowers' with your mobile phone. After clicking on a URL, you notice that the website is not visible on your mobile phone and is slow to load. This ensures that it takes a lot of effort to order this flower on the relevant website. You probably quit and choose a website that is optimized for your mobile phone. With website optimization we ensure that your website is well optimized for a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and is fast and user-friendly. This way we prevent you from missing out on customers!

    Searchmachine optimalisation

    Once your website is user-friendly and meets the technical requirements, the second step is to attract visitors to your website. It is important that your product or service is easily found online and at the top of Google. To do this, we optimize the content on your website and increase domain authority through link building and blogging. By using SEO, you can easily improve your online findability.

    Structural improvements to your website

    Optimizing your website to get more visitors is an ongoing process. Every month we work for you to make your website easier to find. Wondering if you can influence the findability of your website yourself? Sure! This way blogs can contribute to good findability. As the owner of the company, you know exactly what questions your customer has. Write a good blog about this and post it on the website. By doing this structurally, you can contribute to better findability.

    Conversion optimization

    Perhaps the most important thing for your website is the conversion rate. Because once visitors are on your website, you naturally want them to 'do' something. By guiding your thinking and acting, you can convert visitors into paying customers. We do this, among other things, by using call to actions, buttons, specific use of color, USPs, promotions and reviews.

    Not a business card, but a lead machine

    Because a website should be more than an online business card, right? Yet many websites currently act more as a calling card than a lead machine. And that is a shame. The specialists of B&S Media help you to map out the purpose of your website and then get to work to make this goal as clear as possible on the website.

    We would also like to illustrate these points with an example. You have found a headset online and would like to order it. You place the headset in your (online) shopping cart and then want to pay for it. You will then be asked to provide (unnecessary) information such as your telephone number and date of birth. The form doesn't seem to end and it all takes way too long. There is a good chance that you will drop out. With website optimization, we take a close look at your entire website and ensure that these types of processes are set up as efficiently as possible.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few more frequently asked questions about White Label SEO. Is your answer not listed? Contact me via

    Of course. It's your website. That is why we consult with you about the plan of action. Do you agree with our improvement advice and approach? Then we optimize your website.

    Website optimization is also called website marketing. Optimizing your website ensures that you are found better and that you convert better. The technology of the website is then overhauled so that the website becomes search engine friendly. In addition, texts, titles, images and the like are optimized with the keywords you want to be found on. The conversion process will be optimized so that the number of conversions will increase. It is also possible to set up a link network, so that the website gets more value in the eyes of Google.

    You will receive clear monthly reports on the performance of your website optimization campaign. In the reports you can see how many visitors your website has had and how many leads (customers) this has generated. In addition, you will receive regular calls from your campaign manager to discuss the results personally.