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Our SEO company ensures that our customers' websites become and remain high in Google, by continuously adjusting the website or SEO pages for a constant findability in Google. We are aware of the changes in search engines and apply this during our optimization.
Cotech Agency is a company, with experts in Search Engine Marlketing, we have everything you need to provide you with a successful online presence. More traffic to your website, attracting new customers, improving ranking in search engines...
Our SEO services help you grow your business.

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SEO Company in Noida

As an online marketing agency, we have the expertise required for this. And we are aware of the latest developments in the field of search engine optimization SEO is therefore not something that you only implement once and without obligation. It is usually a process to not only increase in search results, but also to maintain your position.

What entrepreneurs mainly think about regarding their website optimization is adjusting the texts. Adding keywords and search terms that consumers use to find your website is a good example of this. However, in order to carry out a thorough SEO process, there is more to achieve desired results. Prior to a search engine optimization process, a comprehensive analysis is done to find out where the opportunities and threats lie. For example, we look at which words your potential customers use in online search engines, but also the technology behind the website.

Imperfections in the website can also have a lot of influence on your findability. Examples include incomplete or missing metadescriptions, dead and irrelevant links, a cluttered site structure, and a moderate URL buildup.

What Is Offered By An SEO Company?

  • An SEO company offers search engine optimization services to businesses to help them improve their visibility online.
  • Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content to make your site more attractive to the search engines.
  • The better optimized your site is for search engines like Google……the more likely your site will be to rank on the first page of the search engine results for keywords that are relevant to your product/services.
  • A major benefit of using an SEO company, for instance, our Cotech Agency, is experience.
  • They likely have specialized experienced in helping businesses rank on search engines.
  • SEO experts know what it takes to help you /liing more organic traffic to your site through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • An SEO agency employs experts in different areas of search engine optimization.
  • The best SEO companies will treat your website as if it is their own.
  • This means that they will make decisions about your site’s SEO in an effort to maximize the return on investment.
  • And thus, help your business meet its overall goals.
  • The company will also look at your site from every angle to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your SEO services.

Benefits Of Using An SEO Company

There are many benefits to hiring SEO professionals to help your business optimize your site for the search engines.

Below are just three of the main ways that an SEO company can help businesses just like yours grow:
An SEO company can help your business improve your search engine rankings.
An SEO company can help improve the quality of your website traffic.
SEO companies provide measurable results.

How do we approach your SEO?

We work in 4 phases towards more growth and relevant traffic to your website.

Getting to know your company and market 👨‍💻

We must be the first: to find out everything about your company, your customers, your competition and market in order to grow.

We determine the objectives, the resources available within the organization and discuss the strategy to be pursued.
We do an extensive scan of the current Google analytics and Adwords account. This way we find out what exactly is happening on the website or webshop.
We do a brief analysis of the online market in which your company is active.

Research your online opportunities 🔎

Now we go into depth. We conduct research into your (potential) customers and the market in which you operate. We look for opportunities and research competition.

We also get to know the industry in which you work. We are looking at possible changes in the industry that we can already respond to. This gives us an immediate advantage over your competition.
During a keyword research, we research the search behavior of your target group. We find out the terms people are looking for and see to what extent it is possible to be found on these terms. The ideal website structure also follows from this research and we give substance to the title and meta descriptions of the most important pages. The keyword research is the basis for optimizing the website.
Based on the better SEO tools, such as SEM Rush and MOZ, but also with Google Adwords, we investigate what your biggest competitors do online. We find out why they score on certain terms and compare the main competitors to discover opportunities and growth opportunities. All this ensures that the best tactics can be applied to achieve good results.

Improve the existing 🛠️

Before we can get started generating traffic to the website, it is necessary that it works technically and functionally. In addition, we ensure that your website exceeds your competitors in terms of relevance.

We write and optimize content on the most important topics and keywords.
During a technical website optimization, we simply ensure that all pages of your website can be properly indexed and are relevant to the keyword combinations that are most interesting for you. In addition, we discover any errors and resolve them. Think of: 404 pages, duplicate content, speed, mobile use, readability, etc.
We do an on-site optimization to bring the website to a level in terms of content and structure in such a way that Google knows what your website is about and potential customers will find your page. We will work on creating internal links, optimizing images and providing them with descriptive texts. We also (re) write landing pages to ensure that your website can be found on the previously determined keywords.

Growing your website 📈

Our external optimization or link building consists of 2 parts: Campaign moderate link building and continuous link building.

We start by adding local listings to your website. These local listings are important and necessary for any website. We post your company profile and contact details on various platforms. This ensures that potential customers can find you and eventually end up on your website. This also ensures growth of traffic to your website in the first months.
Where local listings are relatively easy to obtain, our service excels in continuous link building. Our unique working method ensures that we can promote high-quality content in places that are often inaccessible to 'smaller' companies. Our ongoing link building is based on the best system out there. We work with 3 selected professionals including a Content specialist, (external) copywriter and Prospect specialist.

The Prospect specialist looks for niche related websites or blogs.
The Outreach specialist approaches these prospects and directs the copywriter.
The copywriter writes newsworthy or industry-specific content.
The Outreach specialist optimizes and edits the text and offers the content.
This unique system ensures that we can get high-quality content and links on the most interesting websites in your industry.


Due to developments in the market, smaller stores in particular are becoming increasingly dependent on a website or webshop. Consumers start their search online and you as a company want to respond to that. On the one hand to reach your consumers, on the other hand to sell specific products or services.

Because this removes the physical store and increases the number of online providers, intensive efforts must be made to find and convince potential customers. One of the ways to do this is through search engine optimization. Through an intensive commitment to SEO, you strengthen your positions in the organic search results, making it easier for potential customers to find your website or webshop. In addition, you want to provide website visitors with the necessary information to stay top-of-mind on the basis of relevant web content.

Our specialties As an SEO Agency

Envoker is an experienced digital marketing agency that controls all aspects of online marketing and gives your company's online marketing strategy the attention it deserves together with you. That's why we tailor every strategy to your customers, so that together we can achieve the maximum result.
After an extensive analysis and preliminary interview, clear communication also follows when we start working together. We are well aware that we can only make the campaigns successful together with you. That is why we are very much in favour of short lines of communication and proactive communication. To set up an effective online marketing campaign, we don't have to make an appointment every week to get together for coffee.
There are no project managers working with us. We prefer direct contact between the customer and the marketers, without the intervention of others. This way we know where we stand on both sides, so that we can keep everything clear and understandable.


Frequently Asked Questions

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